There is no more space for Camper Vehicles... to join a waitlist ballot for any cancelations click here.
Meanwhile plan to bring a tent as there won't be enough to meet demand.

The Parking Pass is designed to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing the number of vehicles coming to Splore, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and making Splore less congested. 

You must have a parking pass to access the on-site parking. The Parking Pass rewards carpooling and provides funds for affordable alternative transport. We first introduced the Parking Pass at Splore 2014, achieving a 25% reduction in the number vehicles on site. This was a huge win for sustainability and this year we’re hoping for an even better result. 

Firstly decide whether you need to drive your car to Splore, if there’s an alternative transport option available or whether you can share a ride in someone else's vehicle. Join our Facebook Carpool Club to connect with other Sploerers looking for passenger and rides. 

If you are going to drive then you need to buy Parking Pass, purchased in advance it's $50 per vehicle.

When you arrive at Splore with 3 or more people in your veghicle you will receive a refund of $35. So pack light and bring your mates. Vehicles that arrive with fewer than 3 people will not receive any refund.

There is a separate Parking Pass for standard passenger vehicles and another for camper vehicles. If you intend to camp in your vehicle or you are towing a caravan, please purchase a Camper Vehicle Parking Pass to gain access into the designated camper vehicle field as opposed to the standard vehicle car park where camping is not permitted.

Reserved Camper-Vehicle sites include parking so won't need an additional parking pass. All other reserved campers, Glampers and general admission campers must have a Parking Pass to gain vehicle access to the festival.

To save money and hassle buy your parking pass in advance because vehicles that arrive at the gate without a Parking Pass will be charged the following parking fees: $50 with 3 people and $65 with fewer than 3 people.

  • Parking Pass should be purchased online pre-arrival and costs $50 per vehicle.
  • Vehicles with 3+ people will receive a $35 refund, given to the purchaser of the Parking Pass, at the front gate (if any left)
  • The refund will take the form of a credit loaded on to the AWOP wristband of the purchaser.
  • Vehicles that arrive without a Parking Pass will be charged more.
  • Hybrid Electric and efficient 2 seater vehicles with 2 passengers, will qualify for a carpool refund.
  • Motorbikes do not require a parking pass.

Remember, if you have to drive, carpooling is king, saving you money on parking and on fuel and it's also kinder on our environment. By carpooling you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and making a positive contribution to saving our beautiful home planet. 

Join the Splore Facebook Carpool Club

If you want more information about the Parking Pass check out our website FAQs.

Buy your Parking Pass from iTicket