If you're driving, you'll need somewhere to park. Obviously.

That's not free. To access the onsite parking, you'll need to buy a Parking Pass. We do this for two reasons: to help fund alternative transport and to control the number of cars on the road and on site.

We incentivise carpooling. When you arrive at Splore with three or more people in your car you will receive a partial refund on your Parking Pass, loaded on to your AWOP wristband. 

Need some friends to share with? Join our [Facebook Carpool Club] to connect with other Splorers looking for and offering rides. That's better for everyone. Parking Passes can be purchased on arrival, but they're considerably more expensive that way. Be smart and buy yours in advance. Or just book a Splore express bus ride and save even more.

If you're bringing a camper-vehicle or any kind of whare on wheels you need to book a reserved camper-vehicle site. All reserved camper vehicle sites include (1) free parking.