Location map and directions

Tapapakanga Regional Park is located 72km south east of Auckland CBD.  Off the motorway, the roads are well sealed but windy with sharp corners in some parts of the trip - please drive carefully.

Tapapakanga Park, Deerys Rd, Auckland 2585


Splore Express Bus

Catching the bus is a great way to get to Splore. You’ll be making a positive impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reaping the benefits of not bringing another car to Tapapakanga.

We want as many people as possible to travel by bus, which is why we have subsidised the price so that you can get a ride for as little cost as possible.

Splore Express Bus ticket prices start at just $5+BF each way for early birds. When these sell out the price will rise to $10+BF each way. There’s loads of cheap seats, but make sure you book early.

Buses depart at 9.00am and 1.30pm on Friday the 17th of February, from 172 Quay Street, Downtown, Auckland just 50m west of Britomart, to make it easy for you to connect with public transport links available in the area. You will arrive at Splore Camp HQ approximately 1 hour later.

Your Splore ticket and wristband processing will take place on board, so there won't be any waiting in queues at the front gate. The Splore Express will take you directly to the campgrounds where you can simply unload and get going into the festival.

There is plenty of of space for all your gear down in the cargo hold so dont worry about about that.

Traveling home on the bus has the advantage of allowing you to fully take part in the merry festivities of the last day of the event and letting the bus driver worry about the driving. Have a couple of drinks for the road, no worries. Return buses will depart from Tapapakanga at 4pm & 6pm on Sunday the 21st of February.

Local police are cracking down on drivers under the influence. The driving limit has been reduced and it’s quite likely that there will be some kind of monitoring after the event. Why risk it when you can hop on a bus back to town. Safe, sustainable, convenient and cheap.

More information and tickets available soon.

Fill you car with Friends

We're determined to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing the number of vehicles coming to Splore. A great way to do this is to get more peeps into fewer cars through carpooling and ride sharing.

We have created the Splore Carpool Club - Ride Sharing is Caring, on Facebook. This is the perfect place to connect with other Splorers, fill up your cars and hook up sweet rides. Remember vehicles with 3+ people will earn subsidised parking by getting a $35 refund on their pre-purchased parking pass.

Ahoy There!- Boats at Splore

Coming to Splore by sea is pretty awesome, and the Tikapamona Bay at Tapapakang Regional Park can be a stunning anchorage. From there you will have brilliant views across the festival site. 

Fore planning is required though, as it can be a little tricky out there if a easterly wind is blowing. Be sure to check the local maritime weather forecast prior to setting sail for Splore!

To help us monitor the water side activity we have come up with a few simple measures. Pre-register your vessel online. This will give us some idea of how many vessels to expect on the weekend and how many people will be coming ashore. Plus we will be able to contact you if we need to share any information prior to or during the event, Click here to register you vessel now. 
A full set of Splore Boatie guidelines will be available soon.

Meanwhile you can join the Splore Festival Y.C. on FaceBook

If you you have anything to add or have any questions please let us know at boats@splore.net