What time does Splore start and finish?

Gates open from 8am on Friday - the main stage and other entertainment will kick-off around noon. The last acts will finish on Sunday at 4pm and all attendees are required to have packed-up and left the site please by 7pm Sunday. There's a limited number of Thursday Camping upgrade tickets. Details here

Can I bring alcohol to Splore?

No, please don’t bring any alcohol to Splore - it is prohibited to enter the site with your own alcohol. Our security teams are located onsite to enforce this condition by searching at all points of entry and randomly across the site.

What’s up with No Glass?

In accordance with Auckland Council Park's regulations- glass is banned at Splore. If you need to bring any food or drink items that come in glass, please decant them into another container.

Can I bring a pet?

No, Tapapakanga is a regional park and working farm - all pets are strictly forbidden to be brought on site. 

Will there be a VIP upgrades?

There are no VIP upgrade at Splore and we do not provide VIP passes. Any one of the bars is a good place to chill out and have a drink. Everybody is a VIP at Splore.

Will there be Pass-Outs?

Pass-Outs are available throughout the weekend. You can exit the festival at any time. The entry and re-entry gates are open 24hrs for foot traffic and from 8am to 9pm for vehicles. If you take your vehicle off-site during the festival, you may not be able to return to your original car park. Re-entry parking will depend on the traffic conditions at that time and you may be asked to leave your car at the front gate and walk into the festival until the vehicle traffic gates are re-opened in the morning.

What is Waahi Tapu?

The Tapapakanga Park is a significant historical archaeological site which is protected under law. Please follow the signage and respect the tangata whenua Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Paoa by not entering areas marked as Waahi Tapu. 

Can I bring a BBQ?

There is a total fire ban at Splore - this includes fire poi's and toys. Contained gas cookers and BBQs are permitted but no open fires of any kind.

Can I ride my motorbike to Splore?

Yes, if you travel to the festival by motorbike you are not required to purchase a parking pass.

Can I get married at Splore?

Yes! Splore weddings are some of our most memorable occasions, and there hasn't been a Splore without a wedding yet. Beautiful Tapapakanga is the perfect spot for a low-key celebration. Please email with further questions. 


Do I need to print my ticket or can I  show it on my phone?

Please have your ticket printed and ready when you arrive at the gate. Although our technology will allow for smart phone ticket scanning, this is unreliable out in a field with patchy data connection. As a courtesy to other festival-goers, avoid delays and ensure smooth entry please be prepared. To save paper print your ticket on the back of an old document. 

Are tickets transferable?

Yes tickets are transferable. iTICKET well send your ticket via email as a PDF if you have chosen that option for ticket delivery. If you have chosen to have hardcopy tickets delivered via courier or post you should receive them within a few days of purchase. Each PDF can be scanned one time only. The name printed on the ticket does not have to match that of the person using it. When you print out your tickets be sure to keep them safe. 

Can I buy a day pass?

Sorry, not at this time. Depending on ticket sales, we may release a handful of Saturday or Sunday only passes at a later date. However, if we sell out of full weekend passes there will not be any day passes available.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my ticket?

Call or email iTICKET- they look after all ticketing matters



Is there free camping?

Splore offers all festival ticket holders free, unreserved camping space on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-reserved paid camping is also available for those who want the convenience of arriving to a campsite they have pre-selected in advance. Camping does not include parking for vehicles so if you drive to Splore you will need a Parking Pass.

Can I set up my campsite at Splore a day earlier to skip the rush?

Yes you can! We're opening the campgrounds and the upper festival site (no beach access) at 2pm, Thursday 16th February.  A limited number of Splorers will get to set-up camp, ease into the vibes with a laughter yoga session or a massage at Wellness Central. Grab some kai from one of the awesome food vendors and warm up the evening at the Red Bull Bar with activities and DJs.

All free, Reserved, General & Family campgrounds will be open. This is not available to Boaties, Glamping and Tepee Life Village.

Click here to get your Thursday Camping Upgrade

Is there wheel chair friendly camping?

Yes - we have allocated a number of accessible camp sites, please contact us for more information and to secure your spot.

Are there any sites with water and power hook ups?

No - sorry there are no sites with water or power. As an Auckland Council owned regional park it does not come with these facilities.

Do we need to bring food and water?

You can bring your own, but there is free drinking water available throughout the site and loads of delicious food and beverages to purchase from our many amazing vendors & bars. There are food options for everyone including vegetarian and vegan, all delicious and affordably priced.

Can I camp next to my car?

No camping in the car park, unless you have mobility issues - then you need to contact us directly to arrange an accessible site.

Can I sleep in my car or van?

Yes, you can. But only if you purchase a reserved camper vehicle site or with a un reserved camper vehicle Parking Pass. There is strictly no sleeping in tents in these areas. Sleeping in the general car parks is prohibited and will be enforced by security. 

If you book reserved camper-vehicle site you may erect a small tent or gazebo next to the camper-vehicle as long as you stay within your allocated space. The Reserved Camper-vehicle sites are 8m x 5m which is big enough for all kinds of camper-vans, house-busses, RVs or car/caravan combos plus an awning.  

Are there showers?

Only if there is enough water available at Tapapakanga, depending on seasonal drought conditions. If available, showers will be open at certain times of the day located near camp HQ for $5 per hot shower.

Have the restroom facilities improved?

Yes, the restrooms have improved enormously  since suffering a couple of bumpy years, we have introduced more port-a-loos and urinals as well as infrastructure for higher frequency/quality servicing. Additionally, we have a set of composting toilets which have proved to be hugely successful with a resounding positive experience had by all who used them. Be assured 2017's ablution situation will be top notch as we continue to raise the bar in providing quality and sustainable waste solutions. 

When does the campsite close at the end?

We ask that everyone leaves the site on Sunday evening by 7pm sharp, the festival entertainment finishes at 4pm and everyone will need to pack up and vacate their site - clean and tidy - as you found it - by 7pm. 

Can I bring my own sound system?

No - sorry, we have plenty of sound systems across the site to keep you entertained. Please consider your campsite neighbours - everyone deserves a place to rest. 



What is pre-cycling?

Pre-cycling is the simple practice of considering what you are bringing to the festival and stripping it back to the bare essentials. An example of this is a packet of Muesli - empty the contents into a reusable container and recycle the packaging at home. Use recyclable containers and take what you bring into Splore home when you leave. In consideration of our zero-waste goal, please pre-cycle all foodstuffs and other items before entering the site.

What is a Globelet?

A globelet is a resuable polyethylene cup we supply on site for festival-goers to use as their drinking vessel. We introduced the globelet in 2014 to prevent sending more than 50K of disposable cups to landfill. Pay a $3 deposit with your first drink to receive a globelet, which you then keep and reuse. There are washing facilities on site at the fantastic 'wash against waste' station, or if you don't want to keep your awesome, collectable Splore globelet you can return it and get $1 refunded at the Globelet tent.



What is AWOP?

AWOP is our festival currency cash wristband. After arriving at Splore, head to one of the AWOP kiosks where you can pay cash or use your eftpos card to load up your wristband with any amount of money. All bars, food and market vendors have a hand-held reader that deducts the amount of your purchase from your AWOP wristband. There are no top up fees and you can top up or get a refund at any time, at one of the many onsite top-up stations.

Your wristband has been tested for its durability and can handle salt water, showers, dust, sweat and all dance moves. 

Can I get a refund after I've left the festival?

Yes just follow the steps below.

Is there a time limit for getting a refund?

Yes. Splore AWOP refunds are available until the end of March following the event. 

How do a get an AWOP Refund?

Just go to this link and follow the easy steps: AWOP REFUNDS
Available until March 31.

Parking Pass

What is the Parking Pass?

The Parking Pass will allow your vehicle on to the festival site and provide access to an on-site car park. It costs $50 for a standard carp park or $65 for an unreserved camper vehicle from ITICKET and should be pre-purchased before arriving at the festival. Carpool and save. Vehicles carrying 3+ people will be eligible for a $35 refund at the gate making the parking fee just $15. Those that do not have 3+ people in their vehicles will not receive a refund.

Do I need a Parking Pass?

Yes, if you are driving to Splore. Every vehicle entering the festival site must have a Parking Pass. Reserved Camping sites do not include a Parking pass. However, Reserved Camper Vehicle sites include a non-refundable parking pass for one vehicle. Please present your reservation ticket on arrival as proof of this.

I am an artist/ performer/ volunteer/ crew-member/ contractor/ sponsor/ vendor; do I need a Parking Pass?

You will not need a parking pass, parking is included on your comp ticket or gate list. We do however strongly encourage you to load-up your vehicles, rides hare, carpool or consider catching the bus. We need everyone to participate if we are going to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, minimise our impact on the environment and make our event as sustainable as possible. 

Why do you have a Parking Pass?

The Parking Pass system was introduced at Splore 2014 contributing to a 35% reduction in vehicles coming to site. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and making the Splore experience less congested and more sustainable is very important to us. We have looked at the leading festivals abroad and found the partial refund Parking Pass system that incentivises car-pooling and alternative transport, is the most effective way to make a positive impact.

Why do I have to pre-purchase the Parking Pass ahead of time?

To prevent congestion and queues at the gate; it will be much faster to issue refunds to drivers who arrive with 3+ in their vehicle than it would be to process every payment at the gate. Also, pre-selling the Parking Pass gives us an opportunity to know ahead of time, how many cars to expect at the festival. This will enable us to create the best access and parking facilities for the numbers that are coming. This also informs us on how much alternative public transport we need to arrange.

What if I don’t pre-purchase a Parking Pass?

Your vehicle will not be allowed to enter the festival site without one. We will sell Parking Passes at the gate for those who decide to show up without one but the price will be significantly more to cover the onsite handling costs. On the door, the Parking pass will be $65 for cars & $85 for camper vehicles with fewer than three people and those that have 3+ people, the parking fee will be $50 for cars and $65 for camper vehicles. Pre-purchasing your Parking Pass in advance clearly is the best option. Remember you don’t have to purchase the Parking Pass right away. Parking Passes will be available for sale right up until the day of the festival.

How do I get a Parking Pass refund?

Every vehicle arriving at Splore with 3+ people will get a refund for their Parking Pass. Vehicles will be checked and passes will be validated at the festival entrance gate. The holder of the validated Parking Pass from a vehicle that arrived with 3+ will receive a $35 credit on to their AWOP wristband. This credit can be spent on-site at all the festival bars and vendors, exchanged for cash at any of the AWOP kiosks throughout the festival or by mail at a later date.

Do I need a parking pass if I am bringing a camper vehicle or house bus that is not pre-booked?

Yes you will need to pre-purchase a camper vehicle parking pass ($65). Vehicles towing caravans will only need one Parking Pass.
Reserved camper vehicle sites include parking for one vehicle or one vehicle with a trailer.

Places are limited and will sell out so get camper vehicle passes early!

Do I need a Parking Pass for my motorbike?


Why should I care?

We live in a time where increasing demand on diminishing natural resources is putting pressure on all aspects of society to become more sustainable. As a result we face an unprecedented challenge to repair and sustain our social and ecological systems.

As Bob Dylan said "the times, they are a changin", more and more people are waking up to this need for change. The Splore community is an aware bunch and we are in a unique position to respond through initiatives like the Parking Pass.

It's an exciting moment in time with music sitting at the forefront and heart of cultures all over the world and the Splore community leading the way in New Zealand.

We always knew that our core audience would be positive about any effort that we all make to improve our impact on the environment and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for going there with us.   

Boaties, Ahoy there!

Can I bring my boat?

Yes, boats are welcome to pull up in the bay, there is no charge for mooring but all aboard are required to have a Splore ticket. We are asking all boaties to read the Splore boat guidelines and pre register your boats HERE.

But what about the....I need to know more,

If you have another question send it through to