Yoga is the fusion of mindful movement of the body while connecting conscious breathwork and our minds. Mixing these together we create the alchemy that can help us find a calmness amongst the chaos that we experience in life.

Just like the transforming of a precious metal into gold, this alchemic process through yoga allows us to transform; to step into our power.

Maddie stepped into her yoga journey in 2013 to find more flexibility and recovery in her body while Crossfit and training for Olympic weight lifting. Yoga stretches the body, gaining flexibility of mind and self–enquiry. Yoga is more than just shapes on the mat. It improved her stress levels, sleep quality, tension and restoration of both physical and mental self.

YogaBeats is creative sequences using dance, breathwork, functional movement, and mindfulness to music and beats and at times live music sets. It will leave you feeling uplifted, more free, and it will create a shift in energy both physically and mentally. Let go of the tension that keeps us from being more of who we really are.