Cherish yourself at Splore’s new wellness center

Make yourself centre stage at Splore and participate in any of the free transformational workshops or book in a holistic treatment. Balance your mind, body and spirit at  Wellness Central.
Regenerate your mind and body with a choice of treatment modalities run by minidful practitioners. Take time out at Splore to focus on yourself, nurture your soul and enhance your festival experience.



In today’s world, our health and wellbeing, at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, is so important to maintain.

Stress is a killer, our unhealthy environment lowers our immune response and fear and anxiety shows up in physical injury and illness and impacts on our enjoyment of life.

Wellness Central offers professional, holistic, integrative health and wellbeing sessions across a wide range of options. Haven’t tried something? Here is your chance to experience holistic healing at its best.


Wellness Central hosts free informative and experiential workshops, presentations and activities throughout the Festival weekend.

You can yoga stretch, belly laugh, get nutrition tips, focus on yourself through personal exploration, learn a 2 minute stress busting technique and much more.

Experienced Natural Health practitioners are available to help you ease tension, sink into bliss and become more body/mind aware.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!