Ceres Organics Wellness Central

Cherish yourself at Splore’s new wellness area
Make yourself centre stage at Splore and participate in any of the free transformational workshops or book in a holistic treatment. Balance your mind, body and spirit at the new Ceres Organics Wellness Central in the Seaview campsite, top of the goat track.
Regenerate your mind and body with a choice of treatment modalities run by the Harvest Natural Health Centre practitioners. Take time out at Splore to focus on yourself, nurture your soul and enhance your festival experience.



In today’s world, our health and wellbeing, at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, is so important to maintain.

Stress is a killer, our unhealthy environment lowers our immune response and fear and anxiety shows up in physical injury and illness and impacts on our enjoyment of life.

Ceres Organics Wellness Central offers professional, holistic, integrative health and wellbeing sessions across a wide range of options. Haven’t tried something? Here is your chance to experience holistic healing at its best.

Harvest Natural Health Centre practitioners are an integrative, holistic natural solutions team available to help you ease tension, sink into bliss, become more body/mind aware. Ahhhhhhhh!!!


Ceres Organics Wellness Central hosts free informative and experiential workshops, presentations and activities throughout the Festival weekend.

You can yoga stretch, belly laugh, get nutrition tips, focus on yourself through personal exploration, learn a 2 minute stress busting technique and much more.

Ceres Organics - Breakfast Bar 
Ceres Organics has your breakfast needs covered with their certified organic, wholesome offering. Tasty, nutritious, with a touch of the unexpected. Breakfast early, and get a head start on the day, or breakfast late and enjoy the referred wellbeing from watching others do yoga at your feet.

The Ceres Organics Breakfast Bar is open from 0800 to 1100 Saturday & Sunday at Wellness Central.

Ceres Organics Wellness Central workshops and the Harvest Natural Health Centre practitioners will be available:

Thursday 1300-1900,     Friday 1000-1900,
Saturday 0930-1900    &    Sunday 1000-1400

Come and talk to the Harvest team at Ceres Organics Wellness Central about natural ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

Experience Lineup

Pre-bookings and pre-payment ensure you get what you want, when you want it. 30 minutes, or 1 hour appointments available (some with 15 minute options):

Click on each practitioner to learn more and to make an appointment before Splore to secure your booking at the festival.

Hot Stone Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology - Ange Haldane. 

Massage Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology - Amelia Pells.

Ayurvedic Consultations, Massage - Kath Enchmarch.

Reiki, Massage, Naturopathic Sessions (hormone balance, food and lifestyle) - Coryn Smith.

Herbal Medicine consultations - Phil Rasmussen. 

BodyTalk ACCESS - 5 body balancing techniques with Linda Shaw

Osteopathic consultations - Sam Mallinson.

Osteopathic consultations-  with Demelza Scott-Weekly.

Ancient Māori Healing Bodywork Romiromi - with Awhitia Mihaere

Ancient Hawaiian body work Lomilomi - with Manu'eu Suganuma

SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) - with Orléa Rayne

Please respect the depth of experience on offer

Arrive early, in a fit and sober state. It is preferable for most modalities to not be performed on an intoxicated person. It is at the discretion of the practitioner to refuse a session on these grounds. 

The practitioner spaces are set in beautiful Lotus Belle Tents. The ultimate festival canvas tent.
 Designed for life not for landfill. 

Participation Lineup

Find the full Splore schedule with a detailed programme of the Ceres Organics Wellness Central schedule here.

432hz Spirit Metacine Sound Bath: crystal bowl sound healing with Shane Thunder (USA) Presented by Lotus Belle. FRI, 1800 - 1900

Yoga Rhapsody: a unique physical and auditory experience with Paul Saker-Norrish & Jemma Jeffs. 
SAT, 1645 - 1745

Guided Indian Head Massage: learn this beautiful, sharing technique with Hannah Tapner. 
SAT 1230 - 1400

Herbal Magic to Help Your Stress: learn about the power of herbs with Phil Rasmussen.
FRI, 1600 - 1630

Cultivating Your Life Force: breath, sound, visualisation, meditations with Mordecai Matan. 
FRI, 1445 - 1545

Laughter Yoga: release joy and make heart connections with Chewy Wilson (hoho hahaha). 
SAT, 1800 - 1900

Too Busy? Are You Accelerating Your Aging Hormones?: balance hormones with Coryn Smith.
SUN, 1115 - 1145 

BodyTalk: Energy Medicine in Action: learn a 2 minute stress busting technique with Linda Shaw.
FRI, 1400 - 1430 

Wake Up Your Sunday Yoga: relax overstimulated minds, stretch dance muscles with Hannah Tapner.
SUN, 1000 - 1100

Lunch Box and Snack Ideas for Your Kids: natural, nutritious food ideas kids love with Coryn Smith.
THU, 1530 - 1600 

Conscious Communication: fun, enlightening, interactive, relating to others with Mordecai Matan.
SAT, 1530 - 1630

Whats Your Dosha?: learn about Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and season changes with Kath Enchmarch. 
FRI, 1300 - 1400

Wild Weed Pesto From Your Garden To Your Table: taste nature, learn technique with Ange Haldane.
THU, 1500 - 1530

Non Violent Communication: cultivate your natural state of compassion with Susie Spiller.
SUN, 1200 - 1300

Consciously Living With GOOD - love life, style and planet with Carolyn Enting, Editor GOOD Magazine
SAT, 1415 - 1515

Energising Synergy Yoga: Dynamic, flowing yoga with Morgan Palmer Hubbard and Carolta Amargós Rubió 
SAT, 0930 - 1045

Into the night, when the days activities are over, the space is available for quiet chill out time, a place to relax and talk with friends or to play quiet music. Amid the high energy, fun, dance vibe of Splore, Ceres Organics Wellness Central is a haven, a peaceful, gentle energy vibe where the resonance of the Universe can hold you and you can tune into the frequency of the Earth (8hz). 

Herbs spices.jpeg

POP UP - health and wellbeing experiences for enlightened souls - When you least expect it...
FREE HUGS - hug a stranger offering free hugs. Even better, hug them for more than 20 seconds and get that Dopamine pleasure hormone hit!
BODYTALK CORTICES - sit for 2 minutes and experience a stress busting technique to calm the mind, relax the body and fall into peace. Great for the stressed and frazzled Splorer!

CONNECT WITH A STRANGER (or friend) - a 4 minute seated, look into the eyes without speaking experience. Feel heart-centered compassion and a spiritual connection to humanity. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Let your soul speak and allow your heart to listen to another beyond words.


Special thanks to Ceres Organics for helping us make our dream of a Wellness zone at Splore a reality.