It will be a welcome return to Splore’s Main Stage for the full live collective Weird Together.

Weird Together represents a seamless blend of organic music discovery and collaboration. New Zealand radio host/DJ/music connoisseur Nick Dwyer, in tandem with legendary Auckland-based UK producer/DJ Dick "Magik" Johnson are at the helm curating the group's eclectic sound. The two had a fortuitous recording session where they experimented with music that Nick collected on his worldly travels fronting the National Geographic TV series about global music culture — Making Tracks. Ethiopian jazz records, contemporary club from Ghana’s streets of Accra, plus dance music from the Caribbean and South America found their way into the studio and Weird Together was born.

In 2011, translating their formative collaboration into a live show meant adding more bandmates, and as Nick & Dick continue to explore new sounds and rhythms, the band has evolved and grown.

Weird Together earned reputable co-signs from a number of the finest purveyors of new global rhythms such as DJ Nickodemus and Daniel Haaksman. British DJ/producer Miles Cleret signed Weird Together to his London-based Soundway Records label to release their debut EP and remix EP in 2015. The group caught the attention of Jillionaire from Major Lazer, who released their free single 'Bounce to The Beat,' which prompted him to sign Weird Together to his Feel Up Records label. This year, Weird Together is prepping a number of releases through Feel Up with “Ready For This” being the first of the press for 2016.