We are the Light 

We are the Light is an interactive mobile exhibition. It is a roaming, pop-up, photographic celebration of all that makes Splore the momentous summer gathering of choice. From whanau and when to art, aroma, performance, and diversity - We are the List showcases a collection of highlights from Splore’s spectacular past. Keep a check on the Splorescape for a pageant of after-dark light-box clusters that’ll shine a light on the way ahead.

We are the Light brings to life 20 years worth of celebrations at Splore. It features the work of two long time Splore photographic artists Serena Stephenson and Jason Burgess who have both worked ‘officially’ and otherwise for Splore for well over a decade. Their photos have been used for all manner of Splore promotions. Their imagery is as mysterious and evocative as it is life affirming.

We are the Light is a curated moving installation of light boxes that roam and pop up throughout the Splorescape as the sun goes down. Each of these 10 X A3, solar powered, light boxes will use an interchangeable selection of photographic art, featuring some of Serena and Jasons best loved images from the festival to-date. They ex-Splore the themes of Celebration, Whanau, Body, Environment, Art, Aroha, Freedom, Performance, When, Kindness, and most importantly diversity.

We are the Light heightens the mood while creating a sense of timelessness. The light boxes will be hung on a tree, stacked together on the beach and judiciously placed to illuminate proceedings. They work and its positioning invites viewers to interact with the past in the present in the hope they create something for the future. Splore people are encouraged to use the light for selfies and making their own photos with the light boxes. Many of these images will most likely find a new life on social media with #Splore #exSplorethelight #wearethelight

Serena Stevenson: Visual Artist

Jason Burgess: Visual Artist

Mark Osborne: Art Director

Amanda Wright: Co founder of Splore

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Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 4.28.38 PM.png