Kate Hursthouse

Jill Sorensen

Arielle Walker and Liam Mullins


Shades Arcade

Jive Prints

Jessica Pearless & Jonathan Organ


Dearest Splorers, 
The Artwork's onsite have been made with love, sweat and often tears by a range of talented artists from around our fair land. They are presented to be enjoyed by all, please respect this intention and the efforts of the artists by thinking about how you interact with the art.

Not all works are designed for touching, and unwanted touching... well we know where that leads.
So unless otherwise invited please do not touch, climb on, amend, relocate or handle the artwork.
We also ask that you keep an eye out for those who may have missed this message and politely encourage them to follow suit.

Please enjoy the art, be delighted and inspired and let the artists know if you had a  'moment' with any of the works.  

With Love from the Splore Arts Team!