Acro Yoga Beginners

There's more to life than ...... competing, chasing, and running around in the rat race.

Leaving his past in the past, 4 years ago Justin successfully transitioned from an intense life filled with deadlines and client expectations in the corporate world, sales, marketing, recruitment, training, business development and managing literally thousands of digital marketing projects, to an inspired life of adventure, travel and fun making new positive connections with lots of new people from around the world every week.

Justin developed a passionate obsession with Acroyoga after attending two workshops at Lost Paradise Festival in 2015. Since then he has been attending Acro Jams each week, travelling Australia, New Zealand and USA meeting, playing and connecting with acro communities, doing AcroYoga performances and is personally responsible for converting literally hundreds of people, getting them hooked on Acroyoga, often people who have never seen or heard of it before.

In 2016, Justin trained with Gwyn Williams, the founder of Zenthai Shiatsu, which is an amazing structural and energetic bodywork modality. Since 2016 he has had the absolute pleasure of giving more than 400 Zenthai Shiatsu treatments. Starting at the feet and ending up at the crown, Justin will explore your full range of motion, find your limits, stretch, bend and release your joints, muscles and activate pressure points literally from top to toe, helping to move stuck energy and release trapped emotions from your past.

Also trained in Therapeutic Flying - Therapeutic AcroYoga, where you become a rag doll and are held in the air in many different positions allowing for some amazing stretches and releases that are otherwise impossible on the ground. Zenthai Shiatsu and Therapeutic Flying can be likened to "having yoga done to you".

Justin completed his Partner Yoga teacher training with Rainbow Yoga in 2017 and immediately started teaching many styles of class and workshops for beginners and intermediate as well as Acro Partner Yoga for Lovers, Acro Speed Dating & AcroYoga Calendar Photoshoots where you become the star of your own AcroYoga calendar.

You simply must experience a class for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. Justin will encourage you to establish and maintain positive expectations, mindful practice where you connect with your breath and always have a pleasant and genuine smile while enjoying every moment of your AcroYoga experience.