Pack for each day as you think you’ll need it. Weather in Auckland IS unreliable, so prepare for the best and the worst: make sure you’ve got clothes that keep you warm and dry, sturdy shoes and something for shade (a hat and a sarong or scarf) and of course, your bathing suit!
Pack a reusable shopping bag for dirty laundry.

Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up for free across the festival.


Get your camping pantry naked – if bringing food to Splore, please remove all single use plastic packaging. Unwrap that cucumber, take the cherry tomatoes out of that plastic box. Even better: do this at the supermarket to send a clear message that single-use plastic packaging is not something you want to buy.

A small piece of tarpaulin, thick plastic, or a bit of groundsheet from an old tent can come in very handy for sitting on muddy, wet or dirty ground. Bear in mind too that chairs might be antisocial as you will block the view of people sitting on the ground behind you – so be considerate.

Most Splorers are really friendly and we don’t usually have trouble with theft, but don't make yourself an easy target. There’s no safe place for expensive or valuable stuff that you might lose, break or have stolen. Leave them at home.

Be sure to check the Splore FAQs to confirm what you can and cannot take to Splore.

Alcohol, glass, and illegal substances are banned from the festival site. Your camping gear and vehicle will be searched and all contraband will confiscated. Remember to decant your food and any non-alch drinks out of glass before you arrive.

Pack essential toiletries so you aren’t caught short. Include: hand sanitiser, biodegradable eco wet wipes (we love the Natracare brand), a loo roll and hangover cures.

Bring your own water bottle, coffee mug and a reusable or cloth carry bag for any purchases you make onsite. 

A multi-use lightweight towel which also works as a wrap or something to sit on is also useful.

Get yourself a good head torch with long-lasting rechargable batteries to avoid stumbling around in the nighttime.

Pack a pair of earplugs so you can get some sleep… if you want to!


Wear something crazy, get creative! Festivals aren’t only about practical packing lists — they’re about the music and the people you’re with. The more fun everyone around you is having, the more memorable the whole experience will be. Be mindful. Be kind!

Share camping gear where possible – try to borrow instead of buying a tent, camping mattress, sleeping bag, chilly bin, tarp. Make sure you take it all home with you.

Give your tent a quick check over before you go, make sure it’s in good condition since the last time you used it, there's enough pegs etc. 

If you must purchase something, choose the best quality you can afford.

If you’re buying a tent for Splore, buy a tent double the size you need (e.g. a four man tent for two people). You may think it’s big enough but you never know when guests will land in. Get a tent with a porch for things like wet umbrellas, ponchos or camping chairs. The key is to keep the wet out, and you dry on the inside.

By all means camp alongside your mates, but please try to avoid the temptation to create a Shanty town style complex with barriers and ropes around it – this is anti-social camping behaviour at worst and impractical at best.

If you’re setting up a gazebo for shade, make sure it’s set up so it's sturdy and wind proof! If it falls to pieces, you still have to take it home.

Festivals are a great social leveler: where else can you go for 3 days without taking a shower?

Partying at Splore without a shower is totally possible, because there is the ocean, a freshwater lagoon (and/or the judicious use of baby wipes). If you must shower, avoid that second round of shampooing. Be mindful of water use – go for a swim in the sea or the lagoon and save that shower for Sunday night when you get home.



We have gone to every effort to create a safe festival space, so that every Splorer has the freedom of pure self expression. Consent is an enthusiastic YES. Glitter boobs or not, make sure you have consent before you touch somebody else – it’s as easy as asking if you can hug or touch them.

No matter where you are at Splore, there’s always someone who can help. If you feel unsafe, there’s always a Splore crew member, volunteer or security within coo-eee. The Homestead is open 24 hours a day, and there is always someone at Camp Mum's at Camp HQ who can help you out.

If you’re stuck somewhere and need to ask for help anonymously, you can use our Text Assist service. Send a text message to 260 with ‘Assist’ written in front of your message.

Our Camp Kaitiaki are your campsite power rangers. If you need some extra recycling bags at your campsite, if you’re having a drama with tent pegs, need some festival advice or just a friendly laugh about last night's mayhem. Our Camp Kaitiaki will be roaming the campsites in the morning and the evening.

If you feel unsafe, go to the main homestead, Camp HQ, or to the Wellness Zone and speak to staff there. Alternatively, you can find a security guard, Camp Kaitiaki, or anyone with a radio.
Do not accept drinks from strangers and be careful to leave your drinks unattended even for a minute.

Pack essential medications you need and make sure your pals know your situation (allergies, illnesses etc). Bring insect repellent and sunblock.

Free drinking water is always available onsite, so bring your own water bottle to refill as you need. No single use plastic water bottles are sold on site, however you can purchase a spring water filled reusable Globelet water bottle at all the bars and non alch station. 

Make sure you know where you’re going and check the road conditions before you drive

Fill the tank and check your oil & water before you leave. Make sure the air pressure in your tyres is correct.

If you’re arriving by car, look out for signage along the road. Be patient and always follow instructions from traffic and parking crew. 

Tuck any valuables out of sight in the car, and ensure you lock up before leaving.

If you don’t have a full car, offer any spare seats on Splore’s car pooling page.

You have options: arrive early to bag a good pitch or arrive later and avoiding the worst of the rush – neither is guaranteed so just go with the flow and aim for a time that suits you!

We've created a new gate system to speed up entry.
Make sure you know which gate you're supposed to use and get your access pass.
Follow this link: GATE ACCESS GUIDE

Remember: NO GLASS, NO BYO BOOZE. Security will search your vehicle and your bags so don’t bring contraband.

Once you’re in, find out where your camping ground is located. Pick up a printed programme when you get your wristband it has a handy site map to help you find your way around.

The car park is a wee way from the campsite, so only bring what you can carry or bring a trolley. There's a shuttle bus operating so hang tight and wait for a lift.

Remember where your campsite is so that you're not stumbling around in the middle of the night trying to locate your tent!

Splore uses the AWOP casgless wristband system. Bring cash or an eftpos card to top up your wristband at one of the AWOP banks. Unused credit can be refunded before you go home.

We run Splore on a Zero Waste philosophy. Help us to walk our sustainability talk and don’t bring single use plastic packaging or disposable crap to site.

Please avoid: non-biodegradable glitter (get bio-glitter from the BodyFX stalls instead), forget glow sticks, glow jewellery full of toxic chemicals and costumes with components which could break off and end up as trash.

Our Zero Waste volunteers work alongside our waste contractor, Clean Event to recover resources. It’s our goal to send as little waste as possible to landfill.

You’ll see bin stations throughout the festival site which are colour coded for compost, recycling and waste to landfill. All our vendors use compostable packaging so dispose of it in the green compost bins. Please follow the sorting system and ask our Zero Waste volunteers if you need help.

We can give you compostable bags for food waste and a clear recycling bag for your recyclables. Please keep your campsite waste sorted and bring it to your local Zero Waste Hub daily– this is the best way to prevent resources from spoiling and ending up in landfill. Bring us your your recycling, compost, any unopened food, surplus costumes, salvageable camping gear, batteries. 

Splore invites respectful, friendly, considerate, caring humans to join our Mindful Tribe of Party Animals for this  weekend in paradise.

Please show respect for your fellow Splorers and this magical slice of paradise: be mindful of the waste you are creating, drink with moderation, look after yourself, your mates and the land.

Write your phone number on your child’s arm in permanent marker and check that it's still there after sleeps and after swimming.

Dress your kids in something eye-catching and distinctive so they stand out from the crowd, they'll love their bright, shiny outfits!


Splore staff are trained in dealing with found children but there’s absolutely no replacement for proper supervision. Make sure you and your children know what to do if you become separated.

If you’ve lost your child, find someone with a radio. If your child is found ‘upstairs’ in the camping area, they will be brought to  Camp Mum's caravan at Camp HQ; or “downstairs” to the Old Homestead.

After dark give them a torch and use a lantern for your tent. Light up your child, pram or buggy and keep sight of your kids in the dark with battery or solar powered fairy lights

Having some Avocados, apples, cherry tomatoes, bananas, breadsticks, raisins, vegetable chips, to maintain kids blood-sugar levels and minimise mood swings will help you all enjoy more of the day.

Opt for a Family or Quiet camping area as you are less likely to be disturbed by the all-night party crowd. You are also more likely to be camped next to some willing playmates for your little ones.

Ear defenders: good quality ear defenders for kids and enfants are a must. If you don't have some already we sell them onsite at the Merchandise Tent near the Old Homestead for $40. This is an investment in your child’s future: children’s ears are very sensitive and prolonged exposure to loud music at festivals can cause permanent damage.


Everyone must be offsite by 7:00pm on Sunday, so plan your departure accordingly.

Alcohol can remain in the system for a number of hours after consumption, so be sensible and make sure you stop drinking alcohol early enough to allow time to sober up before you leave. Driving under the influence is dangerous and selfish, so  just please don't. Police have indicated that they will be targeting intox drivers and have been known to set up a testing just outside of festival gates.
BACK TO REALITY - surviving your return to the ‘Real World’
Get as much sleep as you can before returning to the grind, think about taking milk thistle to appease your liver, drink plenty of water and try to carry the positivity you nurtured over the weekend back to work.

Remember to check the FAQ is you have any more questions.

Safe travels and see you at Tapapakanga!

Nga mihi nui!