The Nitty-Gritty on Resources

We reduce what goes to landfill by separating out our resources into recyclables (cans, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper), compostable resources (food, and the compostable cutlery and serveware our vendors use) and waste to landfill. 

Sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry, our Zero Waste volunteers are there to help you figure out what goes where and give you any extra information you need. 

The campsite:
Keep your campsite clean and sorted. We'll give you a bag for your compostables and recyclables. There's three Leave No Trace hubs in the campsite, which is staffed by Zero Waste volunteers where you can take your rubbish. 

Our wonderful Camp Kaitiaki will be roaming the campsite giving out bags, programmes and general advice. Any problems, or queries, chat to them. They are lovely. 

Splorers sort their rubbish on Saturday and drop them off during the day and evening. This helps us avoid a giant, mountain of co-mingled resources on Sunday afternoon which takes ages to sort. So think ahead Splorers, and help us reach our goal of zero waste. 

Saturday pick up: keep an eye out for the sorting truck which will be making its way through the campsite on Saturday in the morning and the afternoon. 

The campground is your community and these people are your neighbours, no matter how temporary. Got messy neighbours? Spotted a campsite in desperate need of a clean? Help them to get sorted and work together, or let one of our team members know and we’ll come and help them get sorted.
Be part of the solution – as a Splore citizen it is your individual contribution which helps to create a connected, vibrant and dynamic Splore community. Together, we can Leave No Trace. 

Splore’s waste statistics:

You can't manage what you don't measure - every year we run an audit of the resource streams onsite.

Splore is run on a Zero Waste philosophy, where 'waste' is viewed as a resource which can be recovered, rather that unwanted material to throw away.

Our results from Splore 2017 showed us that each person that came to Splore created 3.54 kilograms of resources with a total of 24760kg of 'waste' produced. Half of this was diverted from landfill - through recycling and composting. This is way above the rate of 32% diversion, which is the average for UK festivals. 

It's our goal to divert 85% of our waste from landfill, which is possible with your help!