The Dastardly Bounder

It is said, in certain circles, that the Dastardly Bounder is a cad and a scallywag. This is true. The Dastardly Bounder ignores the fundamental mores of propriety.

Dastardly Splore 2018 Serena 1.jpg

“When he takes over a sound system the Dastardly Bounder plays a fantastical funktronic sound, brimming with ear twisters and gob-smacking-grooves,” said Aubrey Marmaduke St Germaine during an imaginary interview. “The music he chooses for his DJ sets feature hints of house, dabs of disco, and touches of techno. Actually, we have no idea how to describe what he plays… We just know we like it.”

Thousands of Dastardly Bounder mixes can be found here:

The Dastardly Bounder is one of Jamie Larnach’s musical endeavours. His sound is influenced by 23 years of DJing on incredibly loud sound systems for people who really like to dance. Jamie was an originator of New Zealand’s outdoor dance party scene, he bought us Entrain (New Zealand’s seminal rave) in the early 90s and was a founding member of Splore, New Zealand’s longest running music, and art festival.

History about Jamie Larnach’s impact on the New Zealand dance scene: