Non Violent Communication Workshop

In the soul crushing moments of life, explore tools to meet the world no matter what state you are in. Imagine potent self-connection, beyond the limitations of a self help workshop.   Navigate life with gentleness, humour and grace. When the shit hits the fan, be ready with communication tools for mojo.This is where shift happens. 

Ever struggle with living your values, especially in conflict? Would you like to live in hope, even when world affairs appear out of control?

Pain is not the problem. The problem is that we have not learned how to be with pain. We have learnt how to blame ourselves and others if things go pear shaped.I’m offering something almost unheard of in our culture -- radical empathy. Learn rituals to reclaim gentleness when you’re hovering in your obliterated place.

Susie teaches Non Violent Communication (NVC) in a way that encourages integration with your own wisdom and way of being in the world. NVC is not simply a communication tool; it offers an alternativeConsciousness and a spiritual path towards internal peace.

Susie has studied NVC since 2004 with Marshall Rosenberg,Robert Gonzales and many others whose influences are rich and passionate contributions to her work. Susie is full of integrity and totally authentic when it comes to body, mind and soul. Her passion is working at the heart of social change by enabling her clients to connect more fully with themselves and therefore become more available to their loved ones and their community. Susie believes that Nonviolent Communication is more than a compassionate way of communicating: it is a way of being.