Art is a party and we are celebrating creative thinking at SPLORE!  Artworks will be lighting up the festival with bursts of sculpture and effervescent interactive experiences to enthuse and delight.  The artists involved this year have responded to the theme of celebration, taking inspiration from the party that is SPLORE and using ideas that embrace the nostalgia of childhood celebrations, past SPLORE revelries and future merriment which is yet to happen.

New delicacies, tasty delights, hundreds and thousands of bright sparks – the art programme at Splore will be a smorgasbord of imagination and brilliant design – see what’s on offer below!

Serval Fandango

Festival Layer Cakes

Serval Fandango has created circus style banners with colour and flair.  These bold and witty illustrations will catch your attention with their delectable vivid design.

Gina Ferguson

Rolling out the Welcome Mat

Made from recycled rubber tyres, wool and plastic ties, this artwork offers a reminder that we are visitors to this place and must be thoughtful to how we enjoy it.

Margaret Lewis


Built from materials diverted from landfill, this is a place to rest and contemplate the view.  Enjoy this canopy of flowers, lovingly created to blanket anyone needing a moment's respite.


The Tree of Jive

Jive are back with a large scale tree sculpture constructed from giant, bright shapes! The tree celebrates Tapapakanga Regional Park and Splore’s 20th birthday.

Jive is an Auckland based design duo, originally from the UK focusing on Creative Direction, Graphic Design and Art Direction. Founded in 2016 by Aimee Parker and Hollie Webb who use their range of skills together to fulfil their love for vibrant design. Creating bold and colourful prints and imagery for clients as well as designing and screen-printing their own loud and playful garments and accessories.

Simon Watts

Musical Chairs

Imagine being able to orchestrate a musical piece by hopping from one dining room chair to another. ‘MUSICAL CHAIRS’ is an interactive art installation which allows the participant/s to manipulate musical instrumentation and pre recorded nature sounds ‘live’!

It’s an interactive experience not only with the music and props, but also with other participants through the international language of music.

Whether it’s you and a friend or a group of ten, come and get amongst this opportunity to showcase your individualised live musical performance act at Splore!

Keep an eye out for a formation of chairs, stools, stepping-stones and speakers!

Sianne and Laura

Cake Quest

Cake Quest is a journey of introspection with a central core for reflection, based on the traditional theory of the labyrinth. The delicious candy striped structure is illuminated and reminiscent of a birthday cake topped with candles, ready for a celebration!

Reece King

Series of Trees

Each flag is a representation of a tree composed of colour. The composition of colour represents that which is harmony in nature. Tree are a celebration of life, they give us air. As Snoop Dogg says "if you're breathing you're achieving".

John Johnston

Enough Rope

John Johnston's ongoing Enough Rope project consists of a constantly growing (300 metres at Splore) length of multicoloured, handmade plastic rope. The rope is being braided from repurposed, single-use soft plastic. The Rope will coil around the trunk of a tree, and spiral up around branches high up into the tree.  

Enough Rope is a visually festive celebration of reuse, but the ongoing production of the plastic rope also reminds us of the seemingly endless production of single-use plastic. The project highlights the need to continue phasing it out.


Shades Arcade

Pipe Dreams and The Lover and the Lookout

Walk down the avenue of Pipe Dreams... The Lover and the Lookout is lurking... Will you be in its path?

Nicholas Boyd

The Sistine Punga

The Sistine Punga brings Renaissance painting to Tapapakanga.  Find shade beneath its fronds and gaze at the intricate oil paintings above.

Candy Elsmore

The Great Outdoors

My olde Great Outdoors tent, the mainstay of my family's Splore camping experience for many years, is transformed into an art installation for everyone to enjoy at its final pitching at Splore.

Karen Sewell

Wonder Tree

A huge Pohutukawa is inspiration and canvas, Wonder Tree has materialized to open a space for celebration, relaxation, contemplation, rest and play.   This installation is a tropical disco oasis, colliding shiny decorations with soft resting places.

Angus Muir


Shish-ka-buoy is fun installation that is equally interesting by day and under the cover of darkness!  In the sun the large buoys absorb the light and give off a magical glow.

By night, thousands of LEDs inside create a whirl of colours and beautiful spherical gradients.

We Are The Light

Mysterious and evocative photographic art celebrating 20 years of Splore by artists Serena Stevenson and Jason Burgess.

‘We Are The Light’ is a solar powered interactive installation that invites people to use the light as backgrounds and a source to make your own self portraits.  The artist’s photographic style has evolved Splore festival’s story for many years.

Artists - Serena Stevenson and Jason Burgess

Light Box Designer and Maker - Mark Osborne

Location Producer and Splore Co Founder - Amanda Wright

Kylie Sinkovich & Mikel Hoyle

Within this Skin

This installation engages with the delicate push-pull between increasing wandering polar jet stream patterns and climate change. It places participants within context of the bigger picture, giving the sensorial experience of being part of the amazing seen and unseen world we call home.

Sculpturally formed breastplates made from recycled organic material are suspended in space while rendered polar jet stream patterns are projected into the area. The breastplates themselves are canvases for the impermanence of light and movement.  An original soundscape intensifies the experiential environment for the audience.

Within whichever skin we reside, what would it mean to physically carry one’s personal material responsibility for this world? What if each day we had to bear ecological fragilities to be made aware of them? This project places the power back in the hands of the conscious individual, encouraging the viewer to step forward and be counted as an important part of a collective solution.

Check out the website for this year’s artist profiles and Art Map!