Splore isn’t just about the celebration in the form of a party, but also the celebration of your body, mind, soul and spirit. It’s extremely important to nourish these, especially after a long night on the d-floor and there’s no better place to do so than Wendy’s Wellness. Wendy’s Wellness offers professional, holistic, integrative health and wellbeing sessions across a wide range of options. You can yoga stretch, belly laugh, go on a sound journey, focus on personal exploration, learn new massage techniques, find out about the secret world of water and much more. Musicians Carlos Riegel and Kāren Hunter will be supplying live soundscapes during the yoga workshops across the entire weekend! With so much to choose from, check out our wellness guide below to help you choose your wellness journey this Splore.

Laughter Yoga / Sound Journey with Chewy

Did you know that laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and lymphatic functioning? Practitioner Chewy’s workshop was a huge hit last year at Splore and is back for another 4 days of uncontrollable laughter. Laughter yoga is extremely playful and allows you to release your inner child. It’s the perfect place to be silly and a great way to relax the mind whilst having fun at the same time. Chewy’s other workshop, ‘Sound Journey, allows you to experience the healing power of music. Using a variety of instruments from around the world.

Laughter Yoga: Saturday 23rd 16:00-17:00

Sound Journey: Sunday 24th   13:45-15:00

Cacao Ceremony with Jules Bright  

Calling all chocolate lovers, you are in for a real treat as Jules Bright brings her Cacao Ceremony to life at Splore this year. We know what you’re thinking - ‘What on earth is a Cacao ceremony?’, well a cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. By taking the ceremonial cacao (in liquid form -  so it basically tastes like a yummy hot chocolate!) you trigger the active ingredient, Theobromine, to work its magic and release dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Can you think of anything better!

Saturday 23rd at 17:30-19:00

Yin Yoga and Crystal Sound Healing with Stella Goetz

There is nothing more satisfying than a good stretch and that’s exactly what Yin Yoga does. Consisting of 5 minute long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. Stella brings together her passions for both yoga and alternative healing methods through crystals, creating a unique self-explorative workshop that also explores touch, shiatsu, reiki and aromatherapy. Kick start your day the right way with this empowering, shamanic experience that connects all participants with a deeper experience of self.

Saturday 23rd at 10:00-11:30

Wild Delicious Fermenting Workshop - with celebrity chef Amber Rose

Wellness isn’t just about the physical activity, it’s about looking after your body as a whole. Celebrity Chef Amber Rose brings an exciting workshop to Splore this year, she will be teaching an in-depth fermenting workshop for fermenters of all stages, based around seasonal summer produce. For over 16 years, up to 2015, Amber lived in London working as a food writer, nourishing private chef, food stylist and doula and has worked with big names such as Gwyneth Paltrow and  Kate Hudson - So, you’ll be learning from the very best!

Thursday 21st at 16:15-16:45

Saturday 23rd at 11:45- 13:15 & 15:15-15:45

Sunday 24th at 13:00-13:30

Live soundscapes accompanying workshops with Kāren Hunter and Carlos Riegel

Some say that music is the way to the soul, and we couldn’t agree more! Carlos Riegel, a multi-Instrumentalist who uses music as a tool for transformation has joined forces with musically talented Karen Hunter, to create a musical workshop that transports us to another time and place. The duo will take their audience on a journey into deep space drawing from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves using voice, looper, guitar and mandolin. It’s one not to be missed! Added bonus: Carlos and Kāren will be supplying live soundscapes during the yoga workshops across the entire weekend!

Thursday 21st at 15:00-16:00

Beginners Acro Yoga with Justin Two Point-Oh

Have you ever wanted to try Acro Yoga? Well, now you can! Justin brings a back-bending (literally) workshop to Splore, starting at the feet and ending up at the crown, Justin will explore your full range of motion, find your limits, stretch, bend and release your joints, muscles and activate pressure points literally from top to toe, helping to move stuck energy and release trapped emotions from your past. It’s a must try and you never know, you may just find your new passion!

Saturday 23rd at 13:30-15:00

Indian Head Massage with Hannah Tapner

Hannah Tapner is qualified yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner who has taught classes in Indian head massage, Thai massage and massage for young people with disabilities and severe learning difficulties. She will lead splore goers to explore the body with a guided Indian head massage, involving massaging of the shoulders, neck and head. You will be paired up and will switch half way through, so don’t worry everyone will get a turn. Hannah has been working as a holistic therapist, which has given her the understanding of how individual our bodies are, so she will teach with this sensitivity in mind.

Friday 22nd at 14:45-15:45

Qi Gong and Body Awareness with Steven Todd

Similar to Tai chi, Qi Gong is a slow moving, gentle practise that is suitable for all ages. Having been practised in China for thousands of years to maintain good health and growth of the soul, the practise involves standing in a particular posture, moving your body in particular ways and linking the breath with the movement. By doing this, it actives the meridians and starts to move energy around the body. Kick start your day with some body awareness as Steven Todd will bring this exciting workshop to life on both Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am.

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th at 06:00-07:30

Mindfulness Through Drumming and Dancing with Rhythm Circles.

‘Mindfulness through Drumming and Dance' offers a way to deepen your connection to self and to others. The language of rhythm and movement, of drum and dance is as old as time and likely predates verbal communication. Our experienced drummers and dancers lead and support participants to learn a rhythm, combine the different parts and explore individual expression through soloing. The workshops respond to the energy of the group, the moment and the place and include guided exploration of mindfulness, body awareness, self-expression, emotional release, group listening, sensing the “group soul” and communicating without words.

Friday 22nd at 17:30-19:00

If you want to know more about our Wendy’s Wellness line-up, then click here to find out more.