Food glorious food! - Need we say anymore!  One thing you should know about Splore is there is plenty of FOOD! There is an array of different vendors to cater to everyone’s needs. Think fair trade, free range, organic and the best part is every dietary requirement is catered for. There is an astounding selection of culinary delights, which are great value for money - so let your taste buds ex-SPLORE the multiple vendors.  Salivate while you celebrate and get what you need to refuel those dancing feet. Check out our Foodie Guide below for some festival inspiration...

The Ice Cream Truck NZ

Nothing screams  summer more than a delicious ice cream. The Ice Cream Truck NZ provides a unique experience, a modern twist to the old school child memories of an ice cream truck. It’s the perfect refreshing treat at Splore, and the best part is it’s totally guilt free as it’s made from locally sourced berries.  The natural fruity goodness is served either in a crisp waffle cone or a biodegradable cup and if you’ve got dietary requirements, then never fear, The Ice Cream Truck NZ cater for all dietary needs! So, don’t forget to pay these guys a visit, they’re pretty cool (pun intended)

“We are looking forward to putting our party pants on with all you festival goers!”

Soul Bowl

Kick start your day the right way with Soul Boul. The mobile smoothie bowl truck is one of a kind, and has been designed with your superfood needs in mind. They not only create healthy and hearty smoothie bowls made from the highest quality organic ingredients,  but they’re vegan and vegetarian friendly too! There certainly is no compromise when health is concerned and this is something that rings true for Soul Boul as their boul’s contain a number of superfoods in a variety of flavours to satisfy all cravings. So, what are you waiting for… get your five a day with Soul Boul this festival!  

“Our menu is designed to ensure we have minimal wastage, maximum nutritional benefits and is advantageous of seasonal fruits & veggies. Come and see us for a delicious breakfast and set yourself up for an amazing Splore experience! The team at Soul Boul can hardly wait!”

Morepork BBQ

The guys at Morepork are set to bring a dam good BBQ to Splore, and no festival is the same without a yummy BBQ in the sun! Think smoked pork belly burgers, ribs and pulled pork burgers. If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the BBQ fun, Morepork will be serving up smoked jackfruit burritos with vegan options available. Try their pork sausage breakfast burritos too, they will certainly fuel you for a day of dancing.

"Morepork BBQ stands out as an authentic and relaxed experience.  There are few places in Auckland you can find meat quite as tender and delicately, and deliciously smoked." - Concrete Playground.

One Love

As the sun rises in the East, nourishing all living entities, One love delights the palate with an array of East-meets-West flavours to satisfy. Known for serving up food for your soul, One Love specialise in delicious gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks. They are the perfect afternoon snack, or something to keep you going from dawn to dusk.

“This is my favourite late night joint, light and easy to digest but still fills you and gets you through after a long night on the dancefloor!” - Kat

Guerilla Grill

Calling all cheese fanatics, boy do we have a treat for you! Guerrilla Grill will be dishing up our trusty friend and all time favourite, grilled cheese sandwiches! Need we say anymore!  Served on sourdough bread with a three cheese blend and a range of seasonal, quality fillings! Now, that’s something worth getting your chops around.

“Amazing. Had the one with caramelised bacon jam. To. Die. For. Cannot wait to have another!”

Sweet As Bowl

Sweet As Bowl is exactly what it says on the tin ‘Sweet As’! They are a Kiwi fusion plant-based food truck who are celebrating Splore for the first time and bringing it all back to their Kiwi roots. They are on an adventure to bring fun, connection, and unbelievably tasty kai to Aotearoa, and all their bowls for Splore will have a Kiwi spin to them. Are you vegan and thought you could never have a hāngī again? Think again!

“We are all about bringing unbelievably tasty, fresh and locally sourced kai to the streets of Aotearoa”


Otherside are back for their second Splore and will be serving up some more of their 100% vegan and totally delicious Mexican-inspired street food. The team behind Otherside are driven to provide the tastiest, highest-quality food for their customers and we can’t wait to have them back at Splore this year! If this is your first Splore, or if you didn’t catch these guys last year then we would definitely recommend paying them a visit this year. Think Kimchi Burritos, BBQ Jackfruit Taco’s and loaded nachos! YUM!  

“We can’t wait to serve up the goodness. Come and grab one of our delicious tacos or burritos to fuel yourself for the d-floor!”

Henry’s Juice

Quench your thirst with Henry’s Juice this Splore. Made from the best grown Gisborne oranges and a state-of the art cold press machine, Henry’s Juice is the perfect refreshment. Though the real secret to Henry’s Juice is the trees the oranges come from, the heavy clay soils they grow in and the maritime climate that has proven to produce the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Now henry’s sharing that special taste with those who love a little nostalgia and care about flavour.

“Honest, fresh and just good juice”


It wouldn’t be a festival without Langos serving up Hungarian bread puffs. Everyone’s go-to for fuelling ahead of a big night on the dancefloor. Langos is a handmade deep fried bread with fresh and tasty toppings, including a homemade spicy harissa, homemade pesto, fresh tomato and feta toppings, plain garlic and seasalt, and sweet options! Delicious, filling and a great Splore staple. We would eat one everyday if we could!

Langos saved my life and my marriage – Nathan Ward

Langos on FB

KB Burgers

They’re not called Killer Burgers for nothing, and if you don’t know already then we’ll let you in on a Splore secret: The fish burgers are legendary! Returning artists and punters demand these burgers, just ask Barry Ashworth from Dub Pistols! There are also vegetarian and vegan options to choose from on this robust, filling and delicious burger menu!

“The best fish burgers in the world, and I don’t even eat fish!”- Coco

“KB legendary burgers; they’re legendary with how they serve people, they’re characters, you go up there and get a joke a minute, and you get a good meal for your money. They are part of Splore like Lucky Star are part of Splore – do-you-know-what-I-mean?” - Gene

Hākari Kai Kart

This year we are welcoming Hākari Kai Kart, a whanau run business offering a fusion of traditional and modern Maori Kai. Staples on the menu include Wild pork burgers (frybread), open venison sammy’s, Mussel Fritters or Chowder, Fried Tuna, Boil-up, and riwai fries – depending on what’s been sourced that day!

The majority of kai has been locally caught or grown by the whanau who are cooking and serving this organic and wild food feast! Make sure you try a Kina Shot, or pipi shot if it’s on the menu for that extra boost morning, noon, or night!

“The kina shots are Iron Shots!  If you're feeling a bit tired after a hard night of Sploring...take a swig and you're good to go! Be warned! it's not for the faint of heart!”  – Ngatapa

Kraken Crumpets

Kraken Crumpets sells hearty and wholesome crumpets out of our handmade cart. Early morning munchies or midday lunchies come see us for your Splore favorite Bacon and egg crumpet, or try a Basil pesto or  banana salted caramel. No matter what we are sure to please!

“You could actually do splore and only have Kraken breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salted caramel for the win!” – Jules BodyFX

Riversea Acai

Acai (pronounced Ah-sah-ee) is a palm fruit berry loaded with antioxidants. In this manifestation it comes frozen and mashed into a delicious and nutritious bowl or smoothie that is healthy, light and refreshing on a hot Splore summer’s day. The Acai bowl and smoothie is a Brazilian breakfast staple and it’s also a great pick-me-up snack for an extra boost at any time of day, especially when you need to cool down. Riversea are bringing this superfood to Splore in two Vegan options:

Açaí Bowl: Organic Açaí pure. toppings: granola, coconut, banana and peanut butter for an extra dollar 

Açaí smoothie: Organic Açaí pure, Coconut water, blueberries/mixed berries, banana

“My Splore breakfast go-to. The Acai bowl is a light, refreshing and satisfying way to start the day along with an Allpress or Millers coffee” - Kat


Chicken sandwiches, and one of Splore’s best kept secrets: fried chicken and an Orchard Thieves cider. This is a go-to on any chicken lovers menu. Enjoy!

Here’s the full list of Food Vendors at Splore!

Main Beach Side

  • Aloisio

  • Falafel Bro's

  • Fatima's

  • Fired Pizza Company

  • Frusionz

  • Grub

  • Ha! Poke

  • Hakari Kai Kart

  • Juice Revolution

  • KB's

  • Langos

  • Millers Coffee

  • NZ Crepes

  • One Love (V)

  • Paella Pan

  • Wraptor

Camp HQ

  • Bacon Bros

  • Double Dutch fries

  • Gozleme

  • Moreporkbbq

  • Safecharge

  • Soul Boul

  • Sweet As Bowl

  • Tin Man Coffee

Sea View Field / Wellness Zone

  • Allpress

  • Got Pasta

  • Guerilla Grill

  • Gorilla Kitchen

  • Hapunan

  • Henrys Juice

  • Icecream truck

  • Kraken Krumpets

  • Nandos

  • Otherside Catering (V)

  • Relish Rollick

  • Riversea Acai

  • Wiseboys (V)

Free Camp West

  • Paradise Catering

Crystal Palace

  • Che Lucio