Splore is not only known for its incredible range of musical talent but for a variety of other exciting and engaging things. Whether you’re an avid Splore goer or you’re new to the Splore scene, there is always something new to learn. We’ve put together the top 10 things that you should know about Splore. Test out your knowledge and check it out below…

  1. Splore has a Zero Waste policy, Our motto is ‘Love your Splore space, leave no trace.’ Be sure to give us a helping hand by minimising what you bring to site and sorting out your waste at our campsite ‘leave no trace hubs’.  In fact, Splore is a member of the Sustainable Business Network and is proud to be the first festival in Aotearoa to win the international ‘A Greener Festival Award’ for our trailblazing sustainability initiatives.

    SPLORE TIP:  Splore is a BYOB zone  - Bring your own water bottle as we don't sell single-use plastic water bottles onsite. Please BYO reusable water bottle and fill it up at our free water stations, or purchase a reusable Globelet water bottle onsite. We have been using Globelets since 2014, eliminating the use of 200,000 plastic cups from going to landfill. Did you know that you can bring back your old Globelet? Save your $3 and bring any Globelet that you have accumulated and use it at Splore this year.

  2. Ancestral land: Iwi, kaitiaki - The Splore site at Tapapakanga Regional Park – (the festival’s third location and where Splore has been held since 2006) is part of the ancestral lands of Ngāti Whanaunga and Ngāti Paoa, a deeply spiritual whenua. The festival is opened each year with a powhiri from Mana whenua, welcoming the artists and guests onto their land. The farm next to the site is the largest piece of land to have never left Māori ownership.

  3. Free Camping West: our new free general campsite is just down the hill from the camper vehicles. There’s a freshly made road making for easier access. A food vendor will be serving coffee and breakfast treats and there’s loos. This site is a little further from the party, but handy to the general car park. Ideal for those who want a more peaceful, less crowded camp with easy access for bringing in your gear. Look for it on the map! (coming soon!)

  4. Performance Artists - As well as having an awesome music line-up at Splore, there are also some epic performance artists that will simply blow your mind! Don’t forget to check them out at the Baby Doll Living Lounge on Saturday Night at Club Hedonista, the big party in the that starts at 9.00pm! Expect show-stopping aerial, acrobatics, dance, music and the avant garde. (Guide coming soon!)

  5. Food glorious food! - Need we say anymore!  One thing you should know about Splore is there is plenty of FOOD! There is an array of different vendors to cater to everyone’s needs. Think fair trade, free range, organic and the best part is every dietary requirement is catered for. There is an astounding selection of culinary delights, which are great value for money - so let your taste buds ex-SPLORE the multiple vendors.  Salivate while you celebrate and get what you need to refuel those dancing feet. (Foodie Guide coming soon!)

  6. It’s our birthday! - Splore is New Zealand’s longest running festival and this year we are celebrating our 20th birthday! Splore was first brought to life in 1998 on Karioitahi Beach, an hour south of Auckland, when a group of friends came together to host an epic New Years party. Two decades later and Splore is still  seen as the go to festival.

  7. Themes - Splore has had many themes throughout the years, but this years theme is ‘Celebrate’ and rightly so. After being around for 2 decades, this years theme is a recognition of our special history and legacy. Come and celebrate this year with us!

  8. Splore Weddings – That’s right if you didn’t know already Splore is home to weddings. Splore weddings are some of our most memorable occasions, and there hasn't been a Splore without a wedding yet  and this year there are two! Be sure to check them out, but first have a read of our Q&A with Splore Celebrant Hilary here.

  9. Costumes - If you don’t already know, Splore Saturday night is New Zealand’s greatest costume party. Splorers spend weeks and months planning and making a costume, or costumes to wear on the night or thorughout the festival. This year’s theme of “celebration” serves as a guideline for what you might choose to wear so go all out and dress up in whatever makes you feel beautiful and free, but please be aware of sustainable practice when sourcing and making costumes, and Cultural Appreciation (see below)

    Cultural appreciation - It’s a celebration, bitches! Show some respect for the people and make sure you’re caring about what you’re wearing. Read our cutural appreciation guidelines for what is deemed inappropriate and what is considered acceptable costuming at Splore!

  10. The name Splore is often mistaken for its aural similarity to ‘explore’. It’s in fact a Scottish word discovered in Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words by one of the original crew, Nicole Martin. The definition: “merry-making festivities, carousing and frolicking, a good going session”

Splore is just around the corner, so if you need to know anything else in the lead up to the festival, check out our FAQ’s