Splore newbie, or old-schooler who always forgets that one thing. Here’s a list of 5 essentials you need to bring to Splore!

  1. Sun Smart Tool Kit – When the Tapapakanga sun gods are out, you’ll need to take cover. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, rash shirt, and a towel for your morning, midday or afternoon swim in either the bay or the lagoon. Don’t worry if you forget yours, there is Earth Kitchen all natural sunscreen, hats, sunnies, and sarongs for sale at the Splore market!

  2. Water bottle – we provide free drinking water across site so stay hydrated by drinking a bucketload of water throughout the weekend. We also have new thermos-style water bottles for sale at merch (next to the cottage) in shiny stainless to keep your drinks hot or cold, depending on the beverage!

  3. Parking Pass – all cars arriving on site need a parking pass. And, if you have three or more people in your vehicle you get a partial refund loaded onto your AWOP wristband upon arrival.

    We ask people to fill the seats in your car to cut down on the amount of vehicles entering site, thereby reducing our carbon footprint, and getting people into Tapapakanga more efficiently. Less cars, less congestion!Get your parking pass here

  4. Costume – Okay so costumes aren’t essential, but you’re essentially going to feel like a numpty if you don’t have one because EVERYONE dresses in costume for our big Saturday night party at Splore, and this year it’s our 20th anniversary so there’s an even bigger reason to dress-to-the-nines and CELEBRATE!

    Don’t worry if you ran out of time before Splore, you can always pick up a costume from Paper Bag Princess at the Splore market, or sew your own at Sew Love down by the beach, and get bio-glittered at BodyFX for that extra sparkle on the night!

  5. Awesome Attitude – If you’re a Splore newbie, something you might not yet know is what makes Splore so EXTRA. It’s a vibe, an energy, a shared emotion of love between Splorers that brings us together and creates a true sense of community. Lucky you get to join us this year and share the love, so please bring your best self and let’s experience something beautiful together!