Steven Todd
Qi Gong and Body Awareness

Qigong has changed Steven Todd’s life in many ways and opened him up to much more of himself than he even knew existed. Similar to Tai Chi is it slow moving, gentle and suitable for people of all ages. Qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years to maintain good health and growth of the soul.

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One will stand in a particular posture, move their body in particular ways and link the breath with the movement. By doing this, it actives the meridians and starts to move energy around the body. Quite often the energy has been stagnant in the energetic system and will help with gaining more clarity in the mind and more physical energy in the body.

Steven is a breathwork practitioner and Qigong teacher who believes in living a truly authentic life. By knowing his body on a deeper level through breathing and movement practices he lives a life of clarity and freedom. Steven is passionate about personal development and dedicates his life to helping others grow beyond what they thought was possible. He will be bringing his early morning Qigong practice to Wendy’s Wellness and welcomes everyone to join him!