Our commercial partners help us create a great festival. The support from these brands means we can focus our efforts on the finest entertainment and audience delights. Here’s a snapshot of our partners and what they do and why they are involved with Splore:



"From where you’d rather be."

There’s nothing better than kicking back in the warm summer grass, sun fading, laid-back beats and an ice-cold beverage in hand. Returning for the second year in a row, the Corona Sunset Bar which resembles the wooden beach side bars of Mexico. It will be set up in the same primo spot as last year so bring your buddies and enjoy the mint view of the main stage with a chilled cup of Corona. 

Keep an eye out for the Sustainable Coastlines crew too. Corona are stoked to have a partner as amped about the coastlines as they are. Together, they’ll be sharing ways you can get involved in enjoying and looking after our idyllic beaches this summer and for years to come. 



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"For setlists, playlists, and A-lists,
For all the world’s artists.
From the unknown to the greatest.
Because music is here to be played with."

New Zealand’s very own Serato is a world leader in audio software for professional DJs and musicians across the globe. Artists such as Fatboy Slim, DJ Snake, Major Lazer, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys) and many of the DJs playing at Splore love and perform with our software. Splore is all about music, having fun and partying which is the very essence of Serato "We bring the math, you bring the party". 

Join our party at the Old Mout beach bar where Serato will own the stage and bring you a banging sound system for this year. See our tech in action, or chill out up in the bush disco listening to Serato iOS app ‘Pyro’ mixing the tunes.


Smirnoff awakens the potential in every situation and sees Splore as a place where people have amazing beach-side experiences, in the heat of the summer sun where they too can release their very own potential. Smirnoff's new Smirnoff Pure Product with just vodka and natural ingredients is the perfect fit for Splore and their values, it is the ultimate drink for the light refreshing taste of Summer, and Splore provides the setting and experience for just that.

Find your way to the Smirnoff Beach Bar, sit on a beach towel, picnic table or deck chair and drink Smirnoff Pure's in the sun, whilst enjoying the Splore festivities. As day turns to evening, Smirnoff lights up the night at the DJ Bar with delicious cocktails, bringing the atmosphere and party to all!


Here at Phoenix we like to collaborate with people that match our passion and we’re now in our 4th year of partnership with Splore as we are aligned on many of our values.

Organic and sustainability are at the heart of the Phoenix brand as we source the finest organic ingredients free from synthetic chemicals and processed with nil or minimal use of synthetic additives. In addition we use sustainable energy to produce our drinks and our power comes from a waterfall in the king country. We even use rain water off of our roof to cool our drinks after production.  Splore is committed to minimising impact on the environment and here at Phoenix Organics we think that is pretty cool...

This year at Splore we’ll be back with our non-alcoholic Phoenix lounge set up down by the beach. We'll be bringing our new Phoenix Caravan and we will have our sampling team on site to deliver you some of our new drinks. Our new premium organic mixers will be used throughout the Splore bars to keep your spirits happy, and deliver you a premium organic mixer to pair with your favourite cocktail.


With an irresistible combination of magnificent natural scenery and a vibrant city lifestyle, Auckland is a place of exciting contrasts and endless adventures.

Auckland’s sparkling waters, varied landscapes and cosmopolitan city life combine to make it one of the most desirable places in the world to live or visit.
A stunning natural playground, world-class shopping, fine food and wine, spectacular arts and events, and plenty of adventure – you’ll find it all here. New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is home to some 1.5 million people and is also the largest Polynesian city in the world, with a rich mix of cultures from around the world.

Central Auckland from Mt Eden_77925.jpg

 Auckland is not just a great city, but a whole region waiting to be explored. One minute you could be picking up designer fashion or dining at a waterfront restaurant and within 40 minutes from the city centre, you could be on an island in the Hauraki Gulf, sampling fine wines at a boutique vineyard, or exploring the wild west coast beaches.
For more Auckland tips visit www.aucklandnz.com, or check out some of these links:

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The Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand is thrilled to be back at SPLORE providing the sound system for the Living Lounge. The Live Sound Programme at MAINZ has done the sound at the Living Lounge  since SPLORE'S inception. 

MAINZ offers programmes delivering Contemporary Music Performance, Audio Engineering and Music Production, DJ and Electronic Music Production, Foundation Sound and Music, Entertainment and Event Technology, and Music and Event Management. We now offer certificates through to degrees.

We at MAINZ are proud to have supported SPLORE as it has developed into the vibrant Festival that it has become."It feels great to be involved, and to be part of the local industry and culture".

Closing the DJ Stage on the final night will be Frank Booker, our DJ & EMP Programme Leader.

Oceania Sound and Light

Proud to be New Zealand's largest and most experienced company in this distinctive field. Oceania provide equipment and professional crew for events of every size and kind, in many different locations, right from design, to setting up, to packing out.

Oceania Sound and Light have been activating the Splore Main Stage and DJ Stage for many years, always delivering world class, leading edge production with fantastic lighting design and sublime audio quality. If you've every lost your cookies at the main-stage light show or grooved on down at the Splore DJ stage you'll know exactly what we mean.

Go Media

Go Media is a community focused Outdoor Media company, and the uniqueness of the Splore festival aligns with our brand values. We are all about having fun and being part of the community. Splore is an event that we love to bring our staff, family and clients to share and experience the great atmosphere and ambience of quintessential Kiwi summer.

The Glass Packaging Forum

Splore is proud to announce it will be working with The Glass Packaging Forum (part of The Packaging Forum), and waste management partners Clean Event, to create a case study for events to get their glass recycled separated by colour. 

Glass needs to be separated into each colour in order to be correctly recycled into new bottles and jars. 

Using recycled glass (also known as cullet) reduces energy consumption by 20% (recycled glass can be melted at a lower temperature compared to using virgin materials materials which need higher temperatures), and can reduce greenhouses gases by up to as much as 50% depending on the amount of cullet. 

Glass is extremely effective for recycling once colour separated, and up to 95% recycled glass can be used to make a glass product with no difference in quality. And, unlike plastic which has to be “downcycled” into a less useful product, glass can be recycled over and over and over again. Forever.