Simon Watts

Simon Watts has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since 2006, performing, choreographing, judging and teaching nationally and internationally. After the last 5 years of touring with world renowned theatre show ‘Stomp’ Simon returns home for a kiwi summer, excited to continue spreading his love for rhythm and music at Splore 2019 through his installation - MUSICAL CHAIRS

Imagine being able to orchestrate a musical piece by hopping from one dining room chair to another. ‘MUSICAL CHAIRS’ is an interactive art installation which allows the participant/s to manipulate musical instrumentation and pre recorded nature sounds ‘live’!

Several chairs are available to sit down on, each triggering their own layer of a musical phrase via capacitive sensors. The more chairs occupied, the more musical layers will sound in unison. Alongside these looping stations are other objects which can be ‘played’, triggering one shot samples like the thump of a kick drum when you strike a small stool, or a jazzy piano chord when you step on a square platform. It’s an interactive experience not only with the music and props, but also with other participants through the international language of music.

Whether it’s you and a friend or a group of ten, come and get amongst this opportunity to showcase your individualised live musical performance act at Splore!

Keep an eye out for a formation of chairs, stools, stepping-stones and speakers!

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 4.25.25 PM.png