Shades Arcade 

Shades Arcade is a Chch based duo that create interactive installation works, made up of the combined forces of Julieanne Eason and Carl Pavletich.  Julieanne’s artistic practice started in video and spatial design for theatre, while Carl hails from the design industry and Fab Lab community. Together they create immersive, interactive installation experiences made possible with the use of electronics, sensors, audio visuals, 3d printing, processing and arduino.  Their works expand the scope of contemporary artistic design and creation by using new technologies intuitively and cleverly, highlighting the inherent performative potential of any space and material. Since July 2015, Shades Arcade have created and produced interactive projects for Auckland City Limits Music festival, XCHC gallery Christchurch,  Light Nelson Festival, Leftbank Gallery Greymouth and Wellington Lux Festival.

To Splore, the duo are bringing The Lover and the Lookout and Pipe Dreams. The Lover and the Lookout is an interactive lighting installation that plays on ideas of surveillance and searchlight systems. An unmanned spotlight randomly scanning a public area detects people when they walk by. The spotlight begins to follow the people walking, soon revealing its character as it starts to play it’s own game, finding people, scanning between them, and leading them in various directions within the space. Pipe Dreams is a series of  tall, circular pipe like structures. Filled with light, they create a glowing, majestic environment.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 4.10.13 PM.png