Love this place -

leave no trace

COMMUNICATING sustainable values IS fun and engaging!

We rolled out a wide range communications using our Spokes-puppets in a series of video clips which captured our audience’s imagination, influencing behaviours and inspiring positive outcomes.

These are a few of the videos from Splore 2019 Spokes-puppet values campaign:

RE:NEWS attended Splore to film a feature on minimising waste:

Word that Splore means business hits the mainstream, with Splore producer invited to join the conversation:

Splore zero waste INITIATIVES also featured in weekly style journal VIVA

We wear our values on our sleeve. to see how we communicate these on our website click here

Splore is an annual three-day music and arts festival, attracting a diverse audience of 8500 of all ages, to camp and enjoy music, performance, wellbeing, art and culture in a pristine corner of coastal Aotearoa paradise.

This year we recruited Splore Spokes-puppets to communicate our social and environmental values through an integrated social media and press campaign, followed up with our first ever Splore Survey, where 2400 Splorers gave their feedback to us.

Our Spokes-puppets made some noise about the What, Where, Who, How, and Why of sustainability in action, helping us to spread our values messaging far and wide, attracting nationwide media attention and facilitating conversations in the Splore community and beyond.

Communicating our values is an essential part of what we do: simply by attending Splore, people are inspired to act differently. Sharing our ethos with the Splore community allows us to keep building on the rich history of trailblazing initiatives and tangible innovations that Splore has developed throughout the years.

The essence of Splore’s values is “Love This Place, Leave No Trace” and over the past 20 years, we’ve fostered a Mindful Tribe of Party Animals who enthusiastically embrace our Zero Waste kaupapa.

But to really walk our Zero Waste talk, we have to get the entire Splore community on board with our mission, from vendors to sponsors to the general public. We use a range of platforms to communicate our values so they are understood and embodied by each and every Splorer.

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How are you using communications to help move New Zealand onto a more sustainable path?

Splore’s communication channels are a platform for us to showcase practical examples of how people can live their best life: we demonstrate sustainable actions which they can (and do) take home into their personal and professional lives.

For example: Splore was the first large-scale festival event in New Zealand to:

-Introduce reusable Globelet cups
-Refuse to sell single-use plastic water bottles
-Introduce Zero Waste educators at bin stations
-Require vendors to use compostable packaging.
-Ban non-biodegradable glitter

With these tried-and-true systems in place, effectively communicating our social values and environmental initiatives is paramount to ensure we keep evolving and pushing limits.


How many people have you reached through this communication(s)?

From the millennial sharing our Spokes-puppet videos, to the grandmother listening to us talk trash on Newstalk ZB, our values-based communications campaign had 100,000+ views, hundreds of comments, likes, and shares.

This proves we achieved our goal: to start conversations, and to build partnerships with the people and ideas at the cutting edge of sustainability.

We’re proud of our values, and our campaign dispels the myth that talking sustainability is boring.

Our social media statistics and 2019 media coverage proves that a small group of Mindful Party Animals really can change the world.


What has been the impact?

The people have spoken: our 2019 survey proves that Splore Festival is a game-changer for individuals and industry.

Our sustainability efforts are noticed and our systems are emulated by other event organisers in New Zealand, and beyond.

“I love the kaupapa - even stole your precycling concept for our own business” - anonymous Splorer, 2019.

In the wake of summer festivals and events where abandoned camping gear and plastic waste made headlines nationwide, the Splore production team was invited to comment on such issues on the wireless (RNZ & Newstalk ZB and the (digital) telly (Re:News).


What was the budget (or resources input) associated With it?

Our Spokes-puppets formed a key part of our overall promotional campaign budget, costing approximately $2500.

The real input was the human resource we invested: the Spokes-puppet campaign is the product of years of cumulative knowledge, design genius and experience from the Splore production team and the wider Splore community.

We are proud of our values and BELIEve that sharing them with passion and enthusiasm makes a difference and The Rt Hon. Jacinda Ardern agrees: