Sampa pic.jpg

Behold a totally original and exciting young talent who will make her New Zealand debut at Splore.

Her recently released “Great Mixtape” is a powerful mix of spoken word, rap and imaginative production. Sampa the Great is destined to live up to her name.

Sampa has a penchant for poetry and weaves dense lyrical mazes with her verses, drawing listeners into a lush, imaginative world. Her music bonds from spoken-word to pure hip-hop rapping, with stops at psychedelic and bluesy waypoints in between; it's the sound of an adventurous young mind pushing out against all boundaries.  Her debut 12-track mixtape flows through a collection of experimental beats and left-field rhymes shaped by Sampa's wide-spanning influences. The entire record was produced by Australian beatmaker Godriguez, who has received abundant praise for his progressive tones and wide-spanning style. "The Great Mixtape" contains sounds both classic and completely new, like a Digable Planets record that really did arrive from another, funkier planet.