Rhythm Circles - Mindfulness through Drumming and Dance

‘Mindfulness through Drumming and Dance' offers a way to deepen your connection to self and to others. The language of rhythm and movement, of drum and dance is as old as time and likely predates verbal communication. The physical and spiritual benefits of group drumming are both intuitive and well documented. Neuroscience has shown connections between repetitive drumming and dance and the ability of the body to change neural networks, reduce stress response and moderate emotional tone.

Our experienced drummers and dancers lead and support participants to learn a rhythm, combine the different parts and explore individual expression through soloing. The workshops respond to the energy of the group, the moment and the place and include guided exploration of mindfulness, body awareness, self-expression, emotional release, group listening, sensing the “group soul” and communicating without words.

Our team of four includes Daniel and Lucie from Rhythm Circles and Nathan and Amanda from African Drumming Waikato. They teach their own weekly classes and weekend workshops and support visiting international artists with their workshops and performances around the country. Daniel also brings his experience in practicing and teaching Craniosacral Therapy and further training in mindfulness, shamanic work and Qi Gong into the mix to deepen participants experience of drum and dance. 

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