Cutting the CO2
The planet is heating up fast and it's having major implications - wild weather, cyclones, rising sea levels, ocean acidification... it’s all pretty scary stuff.

20% of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. 90% of us drive to work alone.

So, what can we do to be part of a solution? The obvious answer is to take shared transport to Splore. 

Since 2012 we’ve increased the number of people per car by more than 88%, from 1.7 to 3.2 people per car! Got a spare seat? Need a lift? Jump onto the Splore Carpool Club

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No-Fuss Bus
You can also jump aboard the Splore Express Bus - there’s no waiting in the queue, you can have a drink in the sun on Sunday and there’s plenty of space for all your gear. 

Splore is continually searching for ways we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and incorporate more renewable energy into our festival - if you have any ideas let us know on

Sunny tunes
The Sunsonics solar sound system is back again this year using 100% renewable energy to bring amazing sound quality to the Orchard Thieve's Foxes Den. 

Gull Biodiesel
Onsite we use Gull biodiesel in all of our vehicles and generators. Fish and chipperies around the country unite to donate their used cooking oil to Gull who put it in a blend of 20% oil and 80% diesel. 

Thank you for thinking ahead and reducing the amount of resources that you bring into Splore so we can continue to #LeaveNoTrace.