Palestinian percussionist, Raed Said was born in Jerusalem. He performed with a wide range of music groups at Palestinian and international festivals such as the Carthage Festival in Tunisia, the Re:Orient House Festival in Stockholm, Sounding Jerusalem Festival, Cinamoon Festival in Barcelona, Festival Pablo Casals in Prades/France, Steirisches Kammermusikfestival in Graz/Austria, Jarash Festival in Jordan and other concert venues in the United States, Europe and Arab countries.

He has worked with musicians like Rim Banna, Edua Zadory, Henning Somero, Sylvia Khittl-Muhr, the Sabreen band and the group Melange Oriental of the Sounding Jerusalem Festival. He recently appeared in the world premiere and recording of “Impossible Grace”, the winning composition of the Al Quds Composition Award by Stefan Heckel and performed for the first UNESCO International Jazz Day in Palestine.

Splore are delighted to have Read Said showcase his highly favoured percussion.