Radio Rapha

Radio Rapha_Viewmaster.jpg

Radio Rapha loves music. No, wait. Radio Rapha LOVES music.

He wanders through the world with open ears and absorbs whatever sounds interesting to him.

Over the years he incorporated many different acoustic styles of music from all over the world into his

DJ sets. Closely acquainted with the founders of the legendary Bar25/Kater Blau in Berlin he soon became a regular in the electronic music scene.

His focus is on the interweaving of electronic music (mostly Downtempo) with all kinds of other sounds and music. Being a vagabond at heart, he is still discovering new dimensions and endless combinations and sees himself as an advanced beginner in a time of exploration. Sticking to moods rather than musical genres, he’s constantly pushing towards a journey through new landscapes: through the desert, over the sea and into the jungle - living among the swiss mountains.

Radio Rapha is a member of the DJ-collective «Laschan Laschan» which aims to spread organic and open minded electronic music in their surroundings.