Princess Chelsea

On the back of her much anticipated third album the wonderful Princess Chelsea will make her Splore debut.


Princess Chelsea (aka Chelsea Nikkel) is a classically trained pianist. Formerly with circus punk act Teen Wolf and indie pop outfit The Brunettes, Chelsea released her debut album Lil' Golden Book in late 2011. The album was a collection of songs about her youth presented with innocent melodies and baroque arrangements to create a musical fairy tale. The juxtaposition of her simple arrangements, childlike delivery and cynical wit is a significant and defining characteristic of her music. Her homemade clip from the album Cigarette Duet has nearly 42 million views on Youtube.

The song was a duet with ex-Brunette Jonathan Bree; who featured heavily on the next Princess Chelsea album. A synth-heavy sci-fi opera about a future world rendered helpless in the face of depression brought on by technology, The Great Cybernetic Depression was released by Lil' Chief and Flying Nun in June 2015.

In 2016 Chelsea released a surprise album of covers called ’Aftertouch’. The title track was written by fellow New Zealand synth musician Disasteradio and refers to Pressure sensitivity on an electronic synthesizer. The album also featured covers by Nirvana, The Beatles, Interpol, Lucinda Williams and Marianne Faithfull.

Princess Chelsea’s third studio album ‘The Loneliest Girl’ has been two years in the making and

examines the loneliness and ultimately the artistic satisfaction a strong work ethic can bring, the result of which is this eclectic collection of pop songs.

Chelsea’s trademark arrangements featuring classic 80s Synths (Yamaha DX7, Roland D-50), ambient guitars, and orchestral instruments are all here but are presented in a more refined and simple manner than on her previous releases. A notable change from previous material is the presence of a strong and clearly defined chorus in every track no matter how unconventional it’s structure.

Stylistically the album moves away from her second more uniform synth album ‘The Great Cybernetic Depression (2015) to more eclectic territory similar to her first release Lil’ Golden Book (2011), and certainly sounds like a record made by a lover of pop music across all genres.