Playcycle - Peter Heard and Ché Rogers - shape original beats and sequences into sweet, dirty, groove-driven electronic music. From driving a stomping dance floor to being the ambience of a chill space or yoga class, Playcyle are like kids in a sandpit, inviting listeners to a sonic realm like no other, inspired by the cyclical nature of the multiverse. What makes Playcycle unique is they mix, mangle, and perform their electronic music live and on the fy. Freestyling, improvising, looping and sequencing, they coax waves of euphoric music out of their cadre of drum machines, synthisisers and samplers. They infuse their sets with interdimensional samples, from Osho and Suzanne Ciani to Kokako and Tui, and by projecting original video footage as a backdrop, Playcycle create an evocative and immersive sound and visual experience.

Peter cut his teeth in the reggae, dub, and singer-songwriter live scene, and has a love for improvised music, keenly jumping into any jam he can with any instrument at hand. He has been making electronic music for the last 10 years, inspired by the music of Pitch Black,. Radiohead, Underworld, The Prodigy, Tryshala, Venetian Snares, Battles, De La Soul, Sphpongle, Groundation, Mike Love, Daft Punk, Roni Size, Biosphere, Monolake, Kate Tempest, Linton Kwesi Johnston, Deep House, Psychyedelic Trance and a plethora of music made with machines. Ché’s musical roots go back to the 90’s Christchurch where he played bass in indie guitar bands: Spingloader, Chicain and Filer. Inspired by the South Island’s early 90’s underground rave scene he began his exploration/obsession into making machine driven music. Underground techno - post punk, Boards of Canada, Pitch Black, Joy Division, NZ’s Nomad, Kraftwerk, Nathan Fake, Nicolas Jaar, Devo, Washed Out, Ride, Jean-Michel, Skinnerbox... just some of the music you’d hear on Che’s inspiration playlist.

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