Calling passionate photography and video artists.

There's a celebration that's about to happen and we invite you to be a part of making the Splore 2019 story.

2019 marks 20 years of Splore, and we'd love you to join our creative team to bring the visual story and magic to light. We want you to tell us the reason why and how you'd like to contribute to creating the Splore Festival story with photography or video.

We are looking for one videographer and three photographers to join our team.

Submit your portfolio and a couple of paragraphs detailing why we should choose you.
Serena Stevenson long time Splore photographer and filmmaker will select and guide the team.

photographs by Serena Stevenson

'I'm looking for artists who like collaborating, who will bring their own unique vision to the Splore story. Splore is more than a festival, it’s a place to be, being oneself, the greatest dress up party in New Zealand, with so many layers; of diversity, love, kindness, joy, fun, adventure, play, interaction, and artistry for 4 days of pure celebratory goodness.

We’re looking to see the scale of the connectedness to nature and people, we’re looking to see the intimate connection, the spectacular performances set in the extremely magically spiritual Tapapakanga Regional Park.' Serena Stevenson.

‘Photography is the easiest art, which perhaps makes it the hardest.’ Lisette Model.

To apply complete this form before 7th January 2019.