We're on the look out for extraordinary performances to present at Splore. Shows, workshops, happenings, flash mobs and disruptions for our community to view, experience and participate in.

Have you got an idea that will be perfect to present at Tapapakanga this coming February? Are you an individual artist or part of a collective with existing work ready to adapt for Splore? Would you like to come and share your knowledge or passion as a workshop at the festival? Do you know of a wicked performer who we should approach to take part? We are keen to hear about work and ideas that can be presented in a variety of locations, looks stunning on or above stage, moves around our site and encourages the audience to engage and participate, is site specific, educational or just bizarre. 

We only have a modest budget so we may be able to contribute to the development and presentation costs of some work in lieu of fee as it’s a chance to showcase a new creation?. We are also keen to collaborate with other industry bodies & explore alternative funding opportunities to support work above and beyond. 

If you wish to start a conversation about contributing to the amazing performance and workshop content at Splore please complete this form before 1 November 2016

We are happy to receive your ideas beyond this date however only as options for performance content at future Splore events.

(This is not a call out for conventional bands or DJs.)


We fell in LOVE, we built a HOME and we went on an epic SUMMER ODYSSEY. It’s about time for a FAMILY REUNION.

"Hey! Hi! Don't I know you from somewhere... Haven't we met before? There's just something about you.. I don't know? Like we knew each other in another lifetime. Wait... Look, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something, well different about you but at the same time, STRANGELY FAMILIAR"

You must be the black sheep, or are you the homecoming queen? The family frump or the family freak? Are you the prodigal son or the wayward daughter? What draws us here together? What brings you to our Splore Family Reunion?

We would love to see how you; outstanding, innovative, imaginative artistes interpret our theme! We equally welcome acts unrelated to the theme as we embrace diversity and variety..

For further information please contact info@splore.net.