(This is not for conventional bands or DJs- Please use other form provided here.)

From large-scale shows to solo acts, immersive performance to extraordinary aerials, dance, tricking, parades and participation, we need you to blow the minds of our up-for-it audience.

With hundreds of acres of Festival site and The Living Lounge, our covered 1500 capacity venue with a hi spec, full production stage, this is your performance playground! Immensely proud to see an ever-increasing line-up of stunning performers animate every nook and cranny of Tapapakanga Park, we invite you to add your colour and craziness, your insane talent and raw, genius edges to the unforgettable-experiences that our Splore audience will share with their friends for years to come. 

Are you an individual or part of a collective with brand new or existing work, ready to adapt for Splore?

Do you know of an exceptional performer who we should approach to take part? We are keen to hear about work and ideas that can be presented in a variety of locations, that look stunning on or above stage, move around our site and encourage the audience to engage and participate.



Magical, mysterious, rhythmic and routine. Gamboling, spiral patterns keep us on the move. Sun kissed limbs dancing to rhythms. We are mystic, we are magic. Summon your spirit animal, conjure sunshine & banish the darkness. Bring the dawn. Eat! Sleep! Rave! Repeat! Let there be moments unexplained.

Do you have a dark side? A repetitive mantra, a daily obsession or a magical alter-ego? Ritual and mysticism has been integral to human existence from the beginning of our time on this intensely complicated, multi-dimensional world. Religion is the embodiment of ritual and mysticism; we religiously check social media, brush our teeth, pray, eat, bite our nails, play Lotto... whatever helps make some kind of sense of the swirling chaos of an evolving planet in the vast universe.

The sense that there is something else, something deeper, something other than our standard Facebook selves sees us delve inside, open up our shamanistic pathways through dance, beats, psy-tropics, meditation, dreamings. 
What are the boundaries?
What more are we capable of?
What happens when we break though or break routine? 

We are excited to explore this theme with you in Splore 2018. Do please enjoy interpreting Mystic Ritual, or Not! As you choose... all act submissions are greeted equally.. We love to see what you have, what you can create and what you want to share with 8000 Splorers at our most stunning festival.

If you're ready to embrace the theme (or not) and want to start a conversation about contributing to Splore, please complete this form.

Application for the next Splore should be lodged before end of October.

We are always happy to receive your ideas beyond this date but places may already be full for the upcoming festival so your application may be not be considered until the following year.

(This is not for conventional bands or DJs- Please use other form provided here.)