Oxfam and Splore share a vision of a sustainable world that is free from the injustice of poverty. One where everyone is valued, can enjoy their rights, and can influence the decisions that affect them.
Oxfam’s movement is a global one - fighting for change by empowering people to create lasting solutions to poverty, for a secure and just future. We’re ending poverty from the ground up, sustainably, for good.
The OxZone (located between the lagoon and Crystal Palace) will be a comfortable, chill place for you to sit back and be transported by virtual reality to Kenya to see some of the amazing things Oxfam is doing around the world.
Be ready to partake in the Ox-Olympics, with games and frivolity being a sure-fire way to challenge yourself and challenge poverty.
The Oxfam New Zealand whānau are looking forward to being part of your Splore 2018 experience.