"In my world, a DJ is the referee directing the game of the dance floor. My task behind the decks is to uplift and entertain my audience with the music and dances emanating from and inspired by mama Afrika.


“Thirteen years ago, Aotearoa embraced me as her daughter and did so gracefully which I am ever grateful for. I go by the name ORIKoL and I have the privilege of being both Burundian and Kiwi.

“Care, love, music and dance are at the epicentre of my life. In its simplicity my childhood shines a light into the artist I am today. I understood the joys and healing powers of music and dance before I knew how to read and write. My soul lights up when we gather in oneness with the sole purpose of letting go. At the sound of the beats we are swiftly transported by the Spirit of dance into the realm of wholeness, even if just for a moment.

“A few years back, when managing a community radio station it dawned on me how much I could contribute to the Aotearoa DJ scene by representing the Afro beats music genre. My sets are energised, full of infectious fun and a sweat-til-you-drop style on the dancefloor.

Now, let's welcome the spirit to shake off our worries and take us to a higher plane together".

BaseFM show - 6-8pm every second Tuesday/ fortnightly