Kāren Hunter takes her audience on a sublime musical journey with evocative melodies that draw from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves. Kāren loops her voice, guitar and mandolin to create heart charged soundscapes blending her many influences in an entertaining and original fashion.

Kāren Hunter’s journey into songwriting traverses over 35 years and many styles and characters have emerged throughout her adventure. Hunter skywalks through uncharted territory, guided by her personal map of the cosmos, creating space to travel with her audience.

Dancing on
the Inside

A gentle vocal / body warm-up followed by the opportunity to put melodies to the words that are floating around inside your mind. Music-making is a listening skill, so we will listen carefully to the sounds we are making and the voices of those around us. We will find out what dancing on the inside means by exploring the feelings in our bodies when we sing.


We are constantly surrounded by sound. The songs of the birds over head, the rhythm of the waves, the humming of electricity and the crying of the Moon ... Really? What sounds might the Moon make? Curious? Come and find out! A gentle vocal / body warm-up will start the session and get your day off to a great start.