Mike Jewell
The Power of the People

A Holistic Health Coach based in Raglan, Mike has been working for the last 10 years helping people to transform their health and happiness through simple lifestyle changes. He is constantly inspired by how powerful we are and how quickly we can thrive when the conditions are right.

He feels very fortunate to live in such an awesome part of the world and in such a resilient, tight knit community. His passion right now is his son and trying to apply his life learnings to parenting, ha!

The Power of People workshop aims to show the importance of social connection for our health and happiness and to empower people with the tools to create more 'community' in their lives.

It’s a super interactive workshop where we are learning through doing the whole way. There will be some other well-being elements throughout (short breath and meditation exercises) to get us connecting and in the zone.


The key elements covered are:

- The Health Benefits of Social Connection

- A deep dive on the Individual vs the Collective

- Find out how to 'Build Your Tribe'

- See how 'Giving' Connects Us

- Learn from Cultures with a Strong Sense of Community

Overall the workshop will show how easy it is to create more of this primal need of community in our lives and to experience the positivity it brings.