Brett Hardie has been in the building industry for over forty years. Blending technical logistics with creativity Hardie has executed numerous, distinctive architectural spaces throughout his career. He has worked with a number of prominent New Zealand artists advising and installing works of various mediums.

Brett is an avid fan of Splore, a favorite festival for him and his family for nine years. His latest collaboration with artist Melinda Butt fits well with Splore’s continuing efforts around waste minimisation and sustainable practices. Brett feels it is time to share his passion and skills with other like minded supporters of the festival.

Melinda Butt’s key focus is accessibility, she strives for it to work on many levels. 

Gilded is a rye comment on modern consumerism and perception. This work of blatant camouflage reflects our own impressionable measuring scale, inviting us audit our perception around wealth and how we measure it.

The metamorphosis from recycling bin into a gold bullion plays with our notion of how we look at the world and our role within it. The bins are an object associated with disregard, a literal vehicle for trash, our connection to this is a routine built around disposal. A 180 degree shift from this point is a symbol of success and status, in a classic context a golden pyramid represents what seem to revere most in our society. This literal flipping of trash to treasure reframes our association and connection to prosperity, it is a parody of truth.