Please only apply for media accreditation if you are a journalist or an editor of an established publication, website, radio station, television station and other approved media outlet.

Media accreditation approval is commonly dependent on pre-festival publicity. Splore reserves the right to refuse media accreditation if your application does not fit the criteria.

If you are applying for media accreditation for a successive time, please detail your previous coverage. 

Please note we have official photographers on-site supplying royalty free photos for you to use. Please bring your own USB drives if you want to draw from Splore images or we can supply some by Monday 26 February via dropbox.  

If you want to be accompanied by your own photographer, please detail the reasons why you are unable to draw on Splore’s image bank so we can consider the photographer application.

If you are a freelance journalist, please attach a letter by your editor confirming you have been commissioned to write a story on Splore.

All media must pick up their media pass at the front gate from 2pm Thursday, 22 February unless you have made other arrangements.

All media must check-in at the media centre (behind main stage and called Base Camp) to register your presence. If you fail to do this by Friday 6pm, your credentials may be revoked. The media centre provides power and charging facilities for your phones and equipment. We do not have security storage facilities for gear.

Applications will close on 9 January - Please submit your application ASAP
We hope to notify you by 12 January if your media accreditation application has been successful. 
If you have any special requests, please contact Suzanne McNamara: