Mac Mylo feat. Pharaoh Swami

This is the musical revolution of two wandering spirits after a decade of musical exploration and good times - throwing parties, hunting tunes, hosting a weekly radio show, making tunes and spinning tunes to get the people going!

They began throwing parties ‘for friends by friends’ under the notoriously reckless party brand ‘The Black Club’. It was hip hop, premium liquor, good people and good times set against the backdrop of unexpected venues such as Woodhill forest, hotel pools, abandoned lofts, waterfront restaurants and the famous historic William C. Daldy Steamship.

Mac has held down the weekly ‘Black Club Radio’ show on George FM since 2012 – always profiling up-and-coming artists, playing future beats, eclectic soul, hip hop, rocknroll and any quality music with substance.

Pharaoh Swami, who real name is Mezmure – is the outrageously charismatic dude whose real name means ‘music’ in ancient Amharic language. Never has a name been so fitting, than for a kid landing in NZ as an Ethiopian refugee who lives purely for the pursuit of spirituality, love and music.


In collaboration with their friends – identical twins Too’OnPoint – Mac & Mez put out a 4 track EP under the name ‘DIED in ‘69’ – a name that references the original Woodstock festival of which all good daydreams are made.

Mac & Mez created ‘Merci Motel’ – a submission based, monthly, live music showcase based in Auckland, that profiles local artists that are far too good to be locked in their bedroom.

The coming Splore set is going to be a crazy mix of everything that gets the heart pumping and soul burning - hip hop and beats infused with rocknroll, Detroit house, bass music, soul, funk and world.