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Logg Cabin

Mark James Williams aka MC Slave aka the Loggcabin is a DJ,MC, Broadcaster, Actor,Voice Artist & TV & Video Director & proud Dad.

Born in California and raised in Auckland City he began his music career at 17 with "MCOJ and Rhythm Slave", a pioneering New Zealand rap duo in the late 80's. The duo later went on to form "Joint Force" with DJ DLT. Mark was co-host & co founder of The Trueschool hip hop show on 95BFM

Mark has Directed the Award winning TV series MO show and a number of music videos for Fat Freddys Drop, as well as NZ artists, Tiki Tane, Ladi 6, Bulletproof and A Hori Buzz. 

Mark currently hosts the ever popular Loggcabin Radio Show, nationwide in NZ ,Sundays 12 till 2pm on George Fm,and tours the world as MC for the legendary Fat Freddys Drop!!