Waste is just a resource in the wrong place. 

At Splore we are working hard to achieve zero waste: this means that we view residual materials as valuable resources which can be recovered, rather than unwanted material to throw away. 

Last year each person who came to Splore created 3.5 kg of wasted resources. Sadly (and due to last years' weather bomb) this statistic was up 37% from 2016. In 2017, 46% of this waste was diverted from landfill using our Splore resource recovery systems - and this year, we're aiming to divert 85% of resources from landfill. 

Our Zero Waste volunteers will help you sort your resources on site so please don’t drop anything on the ground. Help us to walk our sustainability talk: sort out your composting and recycling in the campsite and take it to our Zero Waste Hubs. If you see rubbish lying around please pick it up and dispose of it in the correct bin.

Precycling: get your camping pantry naked.

"Pre-cycling" is the practice of seeking to reduce consumer waste by buying unpackaged, reusable or recyclable products and using your own bags and containers to package food. 

Please put your plastic-free kai into reusable containers before you come to Splore.  

Refuse products that come wrapped in plastic; buy bread from a bakers in a paper bag; leave your plastic cucumber wrappers and other unnecessary packaging at the supermarket - this will send a powerful message to retailers that you don’t want plastic. 

Avoid single-use plastics
Single-use plastics include plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, food packaging, coffee cups and lids - any plastic item intended to be used once then discarded. These plastics have a toxic impact on humans, animals and the environment. Please don't bring single-use plastic items to Splore. 

Give a Shit! 
Beautiful Relieve composting toilets turn human waste into “humanure” - and provide a more pleasant festival restroom experience! 
From our 10 composting toilets at Splore we diverted 250kg of fertiliser (for a native plant nursery), and 1200L of urea (agricultural fertiliser). PLUS we save over 1500L of fresh drinking water from waste transportation to the sewage treatment plant thus reducing greenhouse gases (less transport required). We need more composting loos! Can you help us? info@splore.net  

Globelet: the reusable cup revolution
Since 2012, Splorers have prevented more than 250,000 single use plastic drink cups being sent to landfill, by using reusable Globelet cups.

Purchase your Globelets onsite for $3 and swap it for a clean Globelet at any bar or food vendor. Receive a $1 refund when you return your Globelet to the Globelet tent, or keep it as a souvenir!

Compostable packaging only

Our food vendors are permitted to sell food in compostable serveware only. Please dispose of all serveware including plates, bowls, cutlery and cups in the green compost bins onsite. 

Camp Kaitiaki
Keep an eye out for our friendly Camp Kaitiaki. These guys and girls are modern day campsite power rangers. Working alongside Camp HQ and the Zero Waste team, Camp Kaitiaki play an important role in keeping the campsites running smoothly. They’ll sort you out with some bags for your ‘resources’ (one for recycling and one for compostables) and give you a hand with anything else you might need.  

Zero Waste volunteers

Our Zero Waste volunteers are an integral part of Splore’s mission to achieve zero waste to landfill. You'll find these super humans at bin stations throughout the festival site, and at the Leave No Trace Hubs. We run a three bin system at Splore for Compostable packaging & Food Waste, Recyclables and Waste to Landfill. Please help our volunteers to help you: if you get stuck, ask for help.