Kuki Koori

Kuki Koori is the brainchild of Iain Gordon and Mick Finn.

Some people collect mountain bikes, or Crown Lynn, but for Iain Gordon (a.k.a. Kuki), it’s keyboards. 

He’s long coveted the warm analogue sounds of 70s and 80s machines like the Korg Trident and Roland SH101 (his go-to compositional tools for Ebb and Fat Freddy’s Drop). Excited to jam sounds on the fly to Mick Finn’s visuals, Kuki will enlist some new machines to take for a hoon, the Prophet 6 and Tanzbar (Dancing Bear) drum machine. Expect big, warm and bassy. 
Mick Finn has been drawing from an early age, when he first heard the words 2B or not 2B. After discovering the joys of animation several years ago, he has since experimented with VJ’ing using hand-drawn zoetropes and light painting brushes before settling on live drawing, painting and animating for performances.

Their manifestonis to construct a sonic and visual feast from scratch, with Iain and his electronic instruments laying down a trail of hypnotic notes to be chased by Mick’s swirling and ephemeral dashes of painted light. As the intensity and the beat builds the live illustrations begin to move in various ways in response to the music.

Each performance is uniquely collaborative, with a visible and high-pressure creative process: Iain steps out from behind the keyboards of Fat Freddys Drop to conjure an electronic symphony from drumbeats, synths, compressors, filters and samples, while Mick responds with hand-drawn art projected large.