Join THE castaway tribe

Learn and play tribal games, make your own island costume, and apply your own war paint, ready to ExSplore. For the very young we have quiet play and a peaceful place to take time out from the hustle and bustle, for older kids discover the many ways to make your own fun on the Splore’s Little Island for kids.

 Splore 2017 - KIDS PROGRAMME

Decorate your space, make yourself at home.

Come layer on glow bright sunscreen war paint, or bring some clothes from home to create your castaway look.

Make glow poi's to learn how to use, and take home from Splore.

Get ready to WOW with badges and bling.

Your night time flare tent comes alive. Glow dough and flour paint, play with your glow poi.


17:00 - Do We Need More Sparkle On This?

18:00 - Tribal War Painting & Castaway Clothes


19:00 - Glow Poi Making Anyone?

20:00 - Badges & Blingification

21:00 - Ready, Steady, Glow...




Come and learn the skills you need to run away to the circus!

Play how tribes used to play with Wiremu and his team.

All things crafty!

That's not cricket! Play bat down and other kiwi beach games.

Make Poi and learn how to play; great for later in the day when the glow begins to shine!

Come layer on glow bright face paint and war paint. Bring some clothes from home and create your own castaway look.


Cartoons and odds & ends for the late, late kids. Plus - if you have a great family recording of a fantastic holiday, or silliness galore you can bring it along to share your other life with the Splore tribe!


11:00 - Acrobatics & Circus Acts

12:00 - Tribal Games

14:00 - Badges & Blingification

14:00 - Kiwi Games

16:00 - Make Glow Poi

17:00 - Face Paint & Fantasy

18:00 - Tribal War Paint & Castaway Clothes

21:00 - Glow Dough & Fluro Paint, Play with Glow Poi

22:00 - Movie Night


11:00 - The Big Beach Dig

12:00 - Tribal Games

13:00 - Blingification (Last chance to make and take a decoration or badge!)

14:00 - Takeaway Island!


Another Kiwi beach game for those early kids on the block.

Last chance to play the way we used to with Wiremu.

Come get crafty with the team and take home a memento.

Come collect a decoration you really love, to remember us by.

Bring a memory stick with 10 of your favourite hits to WOW the Splore tribe!

Visit our oasis of calm, for a restful break for the youngest Splorites!


Please Play my Playlist!

Hide Away