IsSac Oron
Interactive Ecstatic Dance and Yoga

Issac Oron has been in NZ for over a decade and 3 years ago co-founded Earth Beat Community - a community trust that is also creating the 3rd annual 3 day conscious festival - Earth Beat.


The event brings an array of local creative minds and hearts to co create, perform, share, inspire and strengthen local communities for new ways of living, sustainable evolution and celebrate our potential and diversity with focus on how we can co create and live together with respect and appreciation for one another and for our home - planet earth.

Issac will be bringing this energy to a 90 minute journey through time and space. He will start with a few asanas and as the music evolves he will encourage participants to move, dance and engage through the space. This is a safe space for movement and dance. There will be musical instruments so participants can choose and play too. This is an energetic workshop so be prepared to let go of any inhibitions and allow yourself to move into ecstasy.