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Linda Ho was born in 1984 in a small town in Germany with her parents of Polish origin. She travelled Australia in her early 20s where she discovered her love for Australia.

Linda graduated from Nursing school in January 2009 and left Germany in March 2011 to live in Australia. After a year she moved on to New Zealand where she finally found a place called home.

She travelled to India for a month to do her Yoga teacher training to get more depth of the true learnings of yoga. Her first job as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand was in a high security prison where she discovered her passion for coaching and motivating others to live the life they deserve. In Feb 2016 she met her now husband Joseph Ho Physiotherapist and Investor and in 2017 she gave birth to their first child Joy. During her pregnancy she studied to become a NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Master Hypnotherapist. In November 2017 she went back to Sydney and graduated as Master in NLP and Time Line Therapy. Her and husband plus baby live and run their business from the North Shore in Auckland where they live happy as a little family.