If you're planning to drive, be aware that off the motorway, the roads are well sealed but winding, with sharp corners in some parts of the trip. Please drive carefully – or maybe even let someone else handle that while you just chill.


If you're driving, you'll need somewhere to park. Obviously.

That's not free. To access the onsite parking, you'll need to buy a Parking Pass. We do this for two reasons: to help fund alternative transport and to control the number of cars on the road and on site. That's better for everyone. Parking Passes can be purchased on arrival, but they're considerably more expensive that way. Be smart and buy yours in advance. 

If you're bringing a camper-vehicle or any kind of whare on wheels you need to book a reserved camper-vehicle pass. 


We also incentivise carpooling. When you arrive at Splore with three or more people in your car you will receive a partial refund on your Parking Pass, loaded on to your AWOP wristband. Need some friends to share with? Join our [Facebook Carpool Club] to connect with other Splorers looking for and offering rides. 


Reserved Camper-Vehicle sites include parking so won't need an additional parking pass. (All other reserved campers, Glampers and general admission campers must buy a Parking Pass to use the carpark.)

Hybrid electric and efficient twoseater vehicles with just two passengers will qualify for the same refund as carpoolers.

Motorbikes do not require a parking pass.


Catching the bus is a great way to get to Splore – with the bonus of a positive impact on the environment.

We want as many people as possible to travel by bus, which is why we subsidise the cost.

The Splore Express bus is a comfortable air-conditioned coach with extra luggage space. (not pictured). There is plenty of space in the cargo hold so you can still bring all your camping gear.

Your Splore ticket and wristband processing will take place on board, so there's no waiting in queues at the front gate. The Splore Express will take you directly to camp HQ.

Even better than not having to drive to Splore? Not having to drive home – so you can partake fully of the delights of Sunday.

Seriously: local police are cracking down on drivers under the influence since the driving limit has been reduced. It’s quite likely that there will be some kind of monitoring after the event.

So hop on the bus, it’s safe, sustainable, convenient and cheap!

CBD bus stop location

Bus Stop #1323
Commerce St opposite Achilles House (Outside Kiwibank)



Yes, you can bring your boat to Splore. Just make sure everyone onboard has a festival ticket.

Coming to Splore by sea is pretty awesome, and Tikapamoana Bay can be a stunning anchorage, with brilliant views across the festival site. But there’s a few details you should know first: