Location Map and Directions

Tapapakanga Regional Park is located 72km south east of Auckland CBD.  Off the motorway, the roads are well sealed but windy with sharp corners in some parts of the trip - please drive carefully.

Tapapakanga Park, Deerys Rd, Auckland 2585


The Rules!

To preserve the pristine nature of our stunning location and help ensure that we can party here for many years to come please check and respect them. 

There aren't many so there's no excuse.


No BYO booze

We ask that you respect this policy. The smuggling and consumption of BYO alcohol contravenes Splore resource consent and liquor licensing agreements and seriously jeopardises our ability to continue the festival. There are several bars located throughout the festival site with an array of drinks.

Keep off Waahi Tapu Sites

Tapapakanga Park is steeped in significant archaeological sites that are important records of history of the tangata whenua Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Paoa and are protected by law. Please respect these areas they are clearly marked and are off limits to the Splore audience.

No Pets

Please leave your pets at home as Tapapakanga bi-laws ban any non-human pets in any shape or form. Human party animals are welcome.

No Glass

Simply so we can all continue to frolic about in bare feet please don’t bring any glass containers. If you need essential items please decant them before you come.

No Open Fire

All open fires, fire toys, pyrotechnics  and fire works are banned in accordance with Auckland Council Parks regulations. Contained gas BBQs are OK.  

Smokefree Parks

Tapapakanga Park is smokefree event under the guise of the Auckland Council Parks policy. Splore encourages our audience to respect this. Cigarettes will not be for sale onsite and a sensible smokefree policy will be in place. 

Bag and Vehicle checks

In line with the provisions of Splore's resource consent and liquor licence our security teams will check all vehicles and baggage upon entry to the festival. This is to prevent banned items like BYO booze, glass, fireworks and weapons from entering the festival site. We appreciate your cooperation in this. 

Parking Pass

There is no more space for Camper Vehicles... to join a waitlist ballot for any cancelations click here.
Meanwhile plan to bring a tent as there won't be enough to meet demand.

The Parking Pass is designed to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing the number of vehicles coming to Splore, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and making Splore less congested. 

You must have a parking pass to access the on-site parking. The Parking Pass rewards carpooling and provides funds for affordable alternative transport. We first introduced the Parking Pass at Splore 2014, achieving a 25% reduction in the number vehicles on site. This was a huge win for sustainability and this year we’re hoping for an even better result. 

Firstly decide whether you need to drive your car to Splore, if there’s an alternative transport option available or whether you can share a ride in someone else's vehicle. Join our Facebook Carpool Club to connect with other Sploerers looking for passenger and rides. 

If you are going to drive then you need to buy Parking Pass, purchased in advance it's $50 per vehicle.

When you arrive at Splore with 3 or more people in your veghicle you will receive a refund of $35. So pack light and bring your mates. Vehicles that arrive with fewer than 3 people will not receive any refund.

There is a separate Parking Pass for standard passenger vehicles and another for camper vehicles. If you intend to camp in your vehicle or you are towing a caravan, please purchase a Camper Vehicle Parking Pass to gain access into the designated camper vehicle field as opposed to the standard vehicle car park where camping is not permitted.

Reserved Camper-Vehicle sites include parking so won't need an additional parking pass. All other reserved campers, Glampers and general admission campers must have a Parking Pass to gain vehicle access to the festival.

To save money and hassle buy your parking pass in advance because vehicles that arrive at the gate without a Parking Pass will be charged the following parking fees: $50 with 3 people and $65 with fewer than 3 people.

  • Parking Pass should be purchased online pre-arrival and costs $50 per vehicle.
  • Vehicles with 3+ people will receive a $35 refund, given to the purchaser of the Parking Pass, at the front gate (if any left)
  • The refund will take the form of a credit loaded on to the AWOP wristband of the purchaser.
  • Vehicles that arrive without a Parking Pass will be charged more.
  • Hybrid Electric and efficient 2 seater vehicles with 2 passengers, will qualify for a carpool refund.
  • Motorbikes do not require a parking pass.
  • Remember, if you have to drive, carpooling is king, saving you money on parking and on fuel and it's also kinder on our environment. By carpooling you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and making a positive contribution to saving our beautiful home planet. 

Join the Splore Facebook Carpool Club.

If you want more information about the Parking Pass check out our website FAQs.

Buy your Parking Pass from iTicket

Camping at Splore

Splore festival takes place over 3 days and the the vast majority of our audience stay onsite in one of the many camping zones.

Every festival ticket includes access to free camping with a range of areas to choose from, from a family friendly zone where the kids rule to general areas offering sea views and wide flat pastures.

There is also a suite of camping upgrades like reserved camp sites and all out luxury Glamping experiences for those looking to turn-up their festival weekend.

Camping is not compulsory but we do recommend it. If however it's not your thing but you still want to come to Splore you can leave and come back with pass outs through out the weekend.

Free Camping Included

Every Splore Festival ticket includes access to free camping. When you arrive you'll walk or shuttle to the camping areas where you can pick an available spot in the free unreserved camping fields. There's plenty of room for everyone in the free family and general fields.

Family Camping

Splore offers a selection free and reserved family camping options. There is a free family camping area tucked away from high traffic zones for safer play as well as reserved family campsites (sold-out) where kids just rule. There's also a reserved family camper-vehicle option for families with caravans and RVs. (sold-out) Please follow the site maps and reservation instructions when selecting your camping.

Tepee Life Village

Tepee Life brings an amazing new accommodation experience to Splore. Having evolved from humble beginnings, to the full service festival Village, Tepee Life is the most funky, eco-friendly alternative to the traditional nylon tent! 

To learn more and reserve a site go to iTicket.

Layby is NOT available for camping upgrade tickets. Camping upgrades are in addition to your Splore 2017 Festival tickets!

Splore Express Bus

Aotearoa has a car culture. 90% of us drive to work by ourselves and our 3.1 million cars and vans are responsible for 12 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Catching the bus is a great way to get to Splore and you'll make a positive impact on the environment by reducing travel related greenhouse gas emissions and reaping the benefits of not bringing another car to Tapapakanga.

We want as many people as possible to travel by bus, which is why we have subsidised the price so that you can get a ride for as little cost as possible.

Splore Express Bus ticket prices are just $10 each way. The busses depart from and return to 164 Quay Street, Downtown, Auckland just 50m west of Britomart this makes it easy for you to connect with all the public transport links in the area .

Going to Splore on Friday, buses will depart at 9.00am and 1.30pm and arrive at Splore approximately 1.5 hours later.

Your Splore ticket and wristband processing will take place on board, so no waiting in queues at the front gate. The Splore Express will take you directly to camp HQ where you can simply unload and get going into the festival.

There is plenty of of space for all your gear down in the cargo hold so don't worry about that you can still bring all your favourite camping things.

Traveling home on the bus will allow you fully take part in the festivities of the last day. Letting the bus driver take care of the driving you can have a couple for the road, no worries. 

Return buses will depart Tapapakanga at 4pm & 6.30pm on Sunday.

Local police are cracking down on drivers under the influence. The driving limit has been reduced and it’s quite likely that there will be some kind of monitoring after the event. Why risk it when you can hop on a bus back to town. Safe, sustainable, convenient and cheap.

Click here to buy bus tickets

Actual Splore Express bus is a comfortable air-conditioned coach with extra luggage space. The bus pictured is the super awesome Old Skool shuttle bus that travels between the beach and camping.

Actual Splore Express bus is a comfortable air-conditioned coach with extra luggage space. The bus pictured is the super awesome Old Skool shuttle bus that travels between the beach and camping.

Fill you car with Friends

We're determined to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing the number of vehicles coming to Splore. A great way to do this is to get more peeps into fewer cars through carpooling and ride sharing.

We have created the Splore Carpool Club - Ride Sharing is Caring, on Facebook. This is the perfect place to connect with other Splorers, fill up your cars and hook up sweet rides. Remember vehicles with 3+ people will earn subsidised parking by getting a $35 refund on their pre-purchased parking pass.

Ahoy There! Boats at Splore

Coming to Splore by sea is pretty awesome, and the Tikapamona Bay at Tapapakang Regional Park can be a stunning anchorage. From there you will have brilliant views across the festival site. 

Fore planning is required though, as it can be a little tricky out there if a easterly wind is blowing. Be sure to check the local maritime weather forecast prior to setting sail for Splore!


To help us monitor the water side activity we have come up with a few simple measures. Pre-register your vessel online. This will give us some idea of how many vessels to expect on the weekend and how many people will be coming ashore. Plus we will be able to contact you if we need to share any information prior to or during the event, Click here to register you vessel now. 

Download the Splore Boatie guidelines right here.

Join the Splore Festival Y.C. on FaceBook.

If you you have anything to add or have any questions please let us know at:

Reserved Camping 

Offering the convenience of a pre-booked campsite with peace of mind that your chosen spot will be waiting for you when you arrive. You'll also get one reserved parking space in the field adjacent to the reserved camp, reducing the distance from your car to the campsite.

Every Reserved Camping site is a generous 8m x 4m. That's plenty big enough for the whole family or a (small 3-4 peeps) group of friends, camped together in one large tent or a couple of small/medium tents there'll be plenty of room to spread out. If you’re part of a larger group, you can book a number of adjacent sites to create the ultimate friends and family camping zone. Due to limited space and capacity we ask that you use the reserved spaces efficiently, so please don't book more space then you will need. There’s nothing worse then a being a greedy guts.  

Coming Soon....

Reserved Camper Vehicles 

The Reserved Camper-vehicle sites are 8m x 5m which is be plenty big enough for all kinds of camper-vans, house-busses, RVs or car + caravan combos to pull up, extend an awning and spread out with a few seats and table. You may also put up a small tent but only if it fits inside your allocated area.

Coming Soon....

Glamping at Splore 

All the glamour of luxury accommodation with the romance of camping under the stars! At Splore, Wildernest creates all the joys of sleeping under canvas but without all the effort! This is the ultimate luxury camping experience, where everything is taken care of. Simply arrive, check in and let our concierge show you to your tent suite, allowing you to settle in, kick back and enjoy the festival. Slippers, beautiful linen and bright interior lighting - this really is the ultimate luxury camping experience.

Coming Soon....

Cash Free Festival (AWOP)

Your wristband is your wallet for the weekend which you can use to buy all food, drinks and merchandise on site. Each time you buy something, the amount is deducted from your wristband electronically. When you first arrive just go to one of the onsite Banks and load your wristband using cash or eftpos and you're ready to party! You can top up or get a full refund as often as you like for no additional fees. You can view your balance at any bar or vendor. Your wristband is sturdy and can handle swimming and all the dancing and chances are you’ll never lose it. In case you’re wondering Splore and AWOP do not track or  link any personal information with the wristband so all your transactions and shenanigans remain private.