Cash Free Festival (AWOP)

Your wristband is your wallet for the weekend which you can use to buy all food, drinks and merchandise on site. Each time you buy something, the amount is deducted from your wristband electronically. When you first arrive just go to one of the onsite Banks and load your wristband using cash or eftpos and you're ready to party! You can top up or get a full refund as often as you like for no additional fees. You can view your balance at any bar or vendor. Your wristband is sturdy and can handle swimming and all the dancing and chances are you’ll never lose it. In case you’re wondering Splore and AWOP do not track or  link any personal information with the wristband so all your transactions and shenanigans remain private. 


The rules!

To preserve the pristine nature of our stunning location and help ensure that we can party here for many years to come please check and respect them. 

There aren't many so there's no excuse.


No BYO booze

We ask that you respect this policy. The smuggling and consumption of BYO alcohol contravenes Splore resource consent and liquor licensing agreements and seriously jeopardises our ability to continue the festival. There are several bars located throughout the festival site with an array of drinks.

Keep off Waahi Tapu Sites

Tapapakanga Park is steeped in significant archaeological sites that are important records of history of the tangata whenua Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Paoa and are protected by law. Please respect these areas they are clearly marked and are off limits to the Splore audience.

No Pets

Please leave your pets at home as Tapapakanga bi-laws ban any non-human pets in any shape or form. Human party animals are welcome.

No Glass

Simply so we can all continue to frolic about in bare feet please don’t bring any glass containers. If you need essential items please decant them before you come.

No Open Fire

All open fires, fire toys, pyrotechnics  and fire works are banned in accordance with Auckland Council Parks regulations. Contained gas BBQs are OK.  

Smokefree Parks

Tapapakanga Park is smokefree event under the guise of the Auckland Council Parks policy. Splore encourages our audience to respect this. Cigarettes will not be for sale onsite and a sensible smokefree policy will be in place. 

Bag and Vehicle checks

In line with the provisions of Splore's resource consent and liquor licence our security teams will check all vehicles and baggage upon entry to the festival. This is to prevent banned items like BYO booze, glass, fireworks and weapons from entering the festival site. We appreciate your cooperation in this.