Fleetmac Wood (USA)

Burning Man and Glastonbury party starters Fleetmac Wood are bringing their rave shows to New Zealand for the first time at Splore.

With exclusive remixes and edits crafted for the dance floor, this DJ set and AV show is not a tribute act, but a rave that re-frames the music of Fleetwood Mac. Twirling through disco, techno and house, DJs Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing have taken this dance party from Berlin to Burning Man and shared their passion with like-minded hedonists around the world.


And for you lucky Splorers, Fleetmac Wood will also present a newly launched  remix project and club-night called Sympathy for the Disco. Yes, you guessed it a rave party based on Rolling Stones remixes. In the words of Keith Richards: it’s music for the neck down!