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Sweet Music

Eclectic, performance-based music policy with plenty of pleasant surprises . Based on extensive research and vetting of acts before booking to ensure a consistently high standard of music and charisma.

A festival line up you may not be largely familiar with but one that always provides the audience with lots of  “favourite new acts”.

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Performing Arts 

Featuring an array of extraordinary talents, Splore is guaranteed to surprise and delight with shows, workshops, happenings, flash mobs and disruptions, to view, experience and participate.

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The history of the Splore visual arts program is rich with works which integrate into the festival in very interesting ways. Artworks embrace the Splore culture, theme and environment and add to it by engaging and connecting the audience. A fantastic feast for our eyes and souls.

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Spotify your Splore

Waahi Tapu

Tapapakanga Regional Park is steeped in significant archaeological sites that are important records of history of the tangata whenua Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Paoa and are protected by law. Please respect these areas they are clearly marked and are off limits to the Splore audience.

The Splore Way

  • Respect - ourselves, each other and all the bird, bees, plants and rivers that surround us
  • Make “choice” choices - refuse before we reuse, think ahead, and buy once, buy well
  • Leave No Trace - we aim for zero waste
  • Feel great, doing good - hug a stranger, be a mindful consumer and
  • Do it everyday - take the goodness home and keep your mind, and your heart, open. 

Eat and Drink

We take great pride in the quality of the food available at Splore. There's an array of styles and cultures, serving up a wide range of deliciously nourishing, well priced, fresh real food . 

There are several bars located throughout the festival site serving beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Splore ♥ Partners

Our partners help us create a great festival, thanks to them we can pull Splore off every year. Their support means we can focus on the finest entertainment and audience orientated fun so that you have the best summer time fun.

Click here for a snapshot of our partners and what they will be doing and why they are involved with us. Learn more

Circle Moire