The Fan fair ticket offer


Splore fans come from all walks of life and we know that not everyone's got the ready coin to drop on early bird festival tickets the day that they come out. Meaning that sometimes, those who most deserve a break can miss out. This is why we’ve set up the Fan Fair ticket payment offer. Giving our less privileged fans some extra time to pay. This offer is reserved for students and people on lower incomes. This allocation is limited- if we receive too may applications the tickets will go to ballot. So please assess your situation fairly and only apply if you're really struggling.

If you're just after a convenient lay-by option you'll be able to set this up with the First Tier tickets coming out soon.

Applications close 5pm Tuesday 17 April and all successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 18 April and given instruction on how to set up their early bird ticket payment scheme.